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Cliff’s Notes For September 1,2008 …..E-Blast …..
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“ A Smart Man Speaks and a Wise Man Listens” Jimi Hendrix “Jimi Hendrix, go figure. It proves that genius comes in many different forms. Although the statement is not politically correct, it is true. We learn a lot when we listen. Several years ago I attended a 2 day session sponsored by the NJ State Chamber of Commerce. They were presenting a “people management” concept developed by the Disney College. Yes, there is such a place and it is in Orlando. The college offers 1st class, 2 week business management classes for executives. They keyed on a phrase that was coined by IBM, it was “Management By Walking Around.” MBWA told managers that by getting up from your desk and walking around, you get a better feeling of what your group is thinking and doing. Disney changed it. MBWA became “Management By Wandering Around.” The thought is that if you “wander” your hands are in your pockets and you become very approachable. When you can be approached with ideas by the people that you supervise, you are now managing a team and not a group. At the time, I had my own company and employed a number of people, so the first day back, I tried it. It was amazing and I became a believer. As I wandered (10-15 min.) 3 people came up to me with ideas on how to make their job easier. Not all the ideas were good, but everyone felt that they were part of the process and their vote counted. It became routine for me. I recently did a “team discovery” session for a large office having organizational problems. After listening to the 2 docs and 8 staff members complain, it was apparent that they were all saying the same thing but in different ways. As we addressed the communication problem, other issues seemed to start going away. These types of sessions help increase office productivity. Team focus and harmony are the most important assets your organization can have. Morning huddles (every day) are needed to review the day and pre-view tomorrow. Have regular staff meetings 1 or 2 times a month. Schedule lunch & learn sessions to help train your staff on procedures and strategies that relate to the office’s productivity and an advanced standard of care. As always, I am available at any time if you should have any questions or concerns.

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