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The Other Side Of Practice Management………….

We need to stop looking at a dental practice as being two dimensional and start seeing it as a multi-dimensional object, it has many sides. Have you ever tried to count the number of practice management groups that are telling you how they could re-engineer your practice? Well, most of them see it as two dimensional. They address patient management and staff interaction/productivity. However, who helps you with correcting work flow, employees, advertising, marketing, accounting, etc? A dental practice is a very unique business. Many things need to be customized and cookie cutter solutions do not always work. I have walked into so many offices that the staff is running over each other going in and out of sterilization areas with processed pouches out on the counter. By reorganizing or changing your sterilization center, you could seat at least one additional patient per work day. If you work four days per week and your chair time is $350.00/hour, well, do the math. I said it in last weeks e-blast, ROI (Return On Investment). Bookkeeping is probably one of the most over looked sides. Most dental offices do not follow good business standards. We all keep good records and provide the proper information to our tax advisers, but how many of us have had our accountants come into the office and review our bookkeeping policies and procedures. You are not a general consumer, you are a business that buys and sells goods and services. Your “cash management” is just as important as patient management. Once again, use professionals. You are a doctor and the chances are you did not study finance or accounting. Embezzlement is a nasty word, but it is the real world. 20% of the dental office in the United States have reported it. As of the other 80%, maybe they didn’t have a problem or maybe they weren’t looking. Checks & balances are good things. Ask a professional and if you do not know one, get a recommendation. As always, I am always available if you should have any questions or concerns. Cliff’s Notes is a client exclusive service. If you do not wish to receive these e-mails please reply to ” hspace=”0″ align=”left” />

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  1. its true that dental is not only single direction business.It has many of other way which associated towards it.Dental accounting is one of the thing from it.

    Comment by stenlysimpson | October 28, 2009 | Reply

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