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Cliff’s Notes For November 2, 2008 …..E-Blast…..
Cliff Marsh, Henry Schein ……
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The Northern NJ Chapter of the American Association of Women Dentists….

This past Friday, Halloween, I had the pleasure of attending a session on facial cosmetics that was presented by the NJAAWD and funded by Henry Schein. I was so happy that they finally had a good turn out, but more on women dentists later. Towards the end of the morning session, I received a “text message” that my daughter was sick and she needed to come home from school. Well, Murphy’s law struck again. All of my resources were not available so after the session I rushed to school and picked her up. When I saw her, I figured I would take her directly to her medical doctor. Henry Schein gives us great medical insurance and it enabled me to change doctors 2 years ago. When the “woman” medical doctor came into the room, I remembered why we switched practices. She walked in with a laptop, diagnosed the problem, e-mailed the script directly to the pharmacy, answered all of my questions and we were on our way in 15 minutes. We then stopped by the pharmacy drive through and picked up the script that was ready and waiting. I think that in the real world, I am an everyday consumer. The doc had at her fingertips all of my daughters records and could link to any site in the world for diagnostic assistance right there from the exam room. The moral of this story, is that if you haven’t embraced technology, you better start. The information age and the paperless environment are here to stay and your patients are living it everywhere they go, every day. Now, back the AAWD. By the end of this decade (next year) 50% of the practicing dentists in the United States will be women. This is a 180 degree flip from just 20 years ago. Most large or older practices are owned by men due to the fact that they are well established. Those practices will be needing to transition and find associates. The chances are very good that the new young wiz kid dentist will be a woman. Professional male partners need to understand that the female work process will be different. Notice I said process not efficiency or profitability. Manufacturers are now addressing the “ergonomic” issues facing the increasing female dental population. For example, Pelton & Crane has redesigned their chairs to go lower and to have narrower backs. Miltex Corp. has designed “petite” aspirating syringes for easier injections because women tend to have smaller hands. Male dentists should keep these things in mind when re-equipping their offices. Bringing on an associate or selling your practice is probably the biggest investment you will ever make in your dental career. M/M professional partnerships are hard enough, but F/M require more understanding on both sides. However, when navigated carefully by an experienced consultant the M/F professional association can be very financially rewarding. As always, I am available if you should have any questions or concerns (201-321-7494). NOTE: DRC (Dental Resource Center) Monthly News Letter Cliff’s Notes is a client exclusive service. Please consider the environment before printing this email.

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