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Greater NY Dental Meeting 2009

Cliff’s Notes for October 18, 2009


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“If You Are Doing What You Have Always Done, You’ll Get Left Behind”

Dr. Mark Hyman, Dental Economics, March 2007

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· The 2009 Greater New York Dental Meeting!

· DRC e-Newsletter – October 2009!

· Attachment – Convention Specials, 1st Look!

The Greater New York Dental Meeting 2009……………………….

It always seems like it turn into winter the week after Thanksgiving. That is also the traditional time of year for the Greater New York Dental Meeting. This year’s session will be held from Saturday, November 28th to Wednesday, December 2nd. The scientific and clinical exhibits open on Sunday, November 29th.

This year, the meeting will have over 1000 exhibits. It is impossible to see them all, so, unless your going to just walk around and absorb the energy, you need to have a plan. After participating in 24 Greater NY Shows, here are some of my basic suggestions.

1. Never buy any type of technology on the convention floor! You need to see it in your office setting and it needs to be “staff friendly”. The convention is to look around and narrow your choices to 2 or 3 models or brands. You need to schedule an in-office demonstration that includes staff. Present to the staff the procedure for incorporating the new technology into the daily routine.

2. There is no such thing as a today only sale. If a sale price can’t be held for a few days, do you want a business relationship with the company?

3. Price is a front end cost and the least important factor when shopping for technology or equipment.. The real expense is “after sale” support and cost. The better the support, the better the ROI. Car dealers don’t make money selling you a car they make it on the parts, repairs and financing. Hey, that’s like a hygiene department. It doesn’t make a ton of money in production, but it brings in a lot of other things. Support services and maintenance costs need to be evaluated along with performance and staff training.

4. Don’t buy what you don’t need! If you need a curing light, don’t buy 20 packs of composite to get it for free. Buy the light & get some composite free. It’s the light you want.

5. Buy only authorized product from authorized distributors and make sure that all appropriate state sales tax issues are addressed. In New Jersey, only 60% of the items you purchase are taxable. With the state economy being where it is, I can’t stress the importance of doing things by the book. The fines and additional costs are not worth the perceived savings. If you have any concerns about a vendors registration information, request copies of there certificates and keep them on file.

6. Beware of distributors with abnormally low pricing. If a deal seems too good to be true, it usually isn’t. All the dental manufactures are available at the show. Do not hesitate approaching any of them to identify authorized distributors and how to identify grey market or counterfeit product. Again, with the economy being where it is, unfortunately, this is an issue that needs more vigilance than it had in the past.

7. Check with your financial advisor before spending a lot of money. Minimize your taxable profits with intelligent and legitimate investments.

Attached you will find the 1st draft of the 2009 Convention Specials. Next week the list will be expanded.

DRC (Dental Resource Center) e-Newsletter……………………

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October 2009 issue

Welcome to the DRC e-newsletter

Our e-newsletter keeps you updated on new and exciting learning modules that are posted to the DRC Dental website.

DRC modules are packed with timely and clinically relevant information—and because they’re on-demand, you can watch them any time, 24/7. For the busy practitioner, it’s the fastest and most convenient way to keep up with CE and improve the way you practice dentistry.

October features three new modules:
— The Mandibular Free End Saddle Partial Denture (1 CEU)
— Traxodent Hemodent Paste Retraction System
— SureFil SDR Flow Composite

The Mandibular Free End Saddle Partial Denture

The Mandibular Free End Saddle Partial Denture
Learn from the PRO!! Dr. Jack Turbyfill says, “Once you understand the mandibular free end saddle partial all others are a slam dunk!”
–Learn about the design principles of the free end saddle partial
–Learn about key dental materials useful in fabricating the free end saddle partial

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This CE module (1 CEU) is presented by Dr. Jack Turbyfill.

Traxodent Hemodent Paste Retraction System

Now, quality impressions can be consistently achieved with new Premier Traxodent Hemodent Paste Retraction System. Traxodent is a retraction and hemostatic system for use prior to impression making, cementation, bonding procedures or wherever hemostasis and retraction is required. Watch this multimedia module with 3D animation and learn all about it!

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SureFil SDR Flow Composite

DENTSPLY Caulk is proud to introduce SureFil SDR Flow Composite, a new, bulk fill posterior flowable base. Using 3D animation, this online module addresses the science behind this remarkable product and shows how SureFil SDR Flow Composite allows you to bulk fill posterior restorations in less time than ever before by significantly reducing polymerization curing stress.

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