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Inventory vs Self Control, Core & Tooth Build-Up, NY Dental Show Contact Info.

Cliff’s Notes for November 22, 2009


Cliff Marsh, Henry Schein ……Cell: 201-321-7494……Fax: 201-262-2210…..E-mail

“Happiness is your dentist telling you it won’t hurt and then having him catch his hand in the drill.”

Johnny Carson

In This Weeks Issue

* The Quote of the Week!

* Inventory Control vs Self Control (Cash Flow)!

* Core & Tooth Build-Up That Really Does Cut Like Dentin!

* Attachment – Pulpdent Invitation for a Table Clinic @ the NY Dental Show!

* Contact Information for the Greater NY Dental Meeting!

Quote of the Week…………………………………………………………

Here it is in black & white. This is what your patients think of you. Jokes about dentistry are the public’s perception of what you do. That’s why I always talk about communication. You need to change the patient’s perception of dentistry and that is not easy, it takes a long time, but you have to get started.

Wednesday I attended a 3D Cone Beam Diagnostic Session and got a real good look at the technology that is currently available. Unfortunately, most dentists won’t consider incorporating it into their practices for two reasons.

1. They are intimidated by the technological process. This is normal. There is no shame in not knowing how to do something. You were intimidated your first day on the clinic floor but you did it. The first place to start implementing new technology or re-vamping your systems is to evaluate where you are, where you want to be and can your facility and patient flow accommodate your planned growth. This is something I am familiar with. Please don’t hesitate contacting me.

2. Money. It’s most often about the money. Why do you need digital radiography @ $16k to 20K? Ask one of your friends that have it, it can pay for it’s self in 6 months. Those of you, who enjoy the 1950’s TV show, The Honeymooners, on late night TV, will remember Ralph’s reason for not buying a TV set, “I’m waiting for 3D TV”. Think about what Ralph missed. A $500k practice should increase by $20k in the first year when digital technology is incorporated. Couple that technology with a well planned marketing program and you’re on your way to the Promised Land. That is, what you were promised in dental school, fortune and glory.

The following YouTube link is a Bill Cosby comedy routine from 1983. Not much has changed in the public’s perception of you, but it is funny. It is 7 minutes long and I hope you enjoy.

Bill Cosby:

Inventory Control vs Self Control (Cash Flow)…………………………………………

As we approach the end of the year, everyone is going to try to sell you something. That’s ok, because you do the same thing when you send out your insurance letters in August & October. We are all in a service business and what you do and what I do are not that much different. We both buy and sell goods and services. Year end buying (2009) should be part of your of 2010 plan and please be realistic on your investment. Always think about the return (ROI) but cash flow is priority. I can’t say that enough, cash flow is priority; please consult with your financial advisor to fully understand its value.

Let me explain. You’re looking for a deal on composite. The deal is 20 packs + a free Curing Light. You don’t need the light but hey, it’s free. Now, let’s break this down. That new composite cost $80.00 / box of 20 tips. That’s $4.00/tip and a total cost of $1600.00. Maybe all you needed was a 4+1 deal and a total expenditure of $320.00. Now, you can have the other $1280.00 working for you generating revenue rather than sitting on the shelf for 4 to 6 months. Cash flow means more inventory turns. Inventory is an investment and all investments must have a maximum return (ROI). The more often you turn inventory, the more profit it will generate. Don’t get me wrong, sometime you want to grab a good deal, but that’s why you want the cash flow and a just-in-time inventory. The general rule is that any item that sits on your shelf for more than 30 days begins to loose 1% of its value and continue to loose value every 30 days after.

Just as a side note, banks will not accept as collateral accounts receivable over 90 days and devalued inventory. For more information on inventory control systems or how to obtain product usage reports, please contact me at any time and please, remember cash flow!

Core & Tooth Build-up Material………………………………………………………..

Pulpdent Corporation is one of those little sleeper companies that has been around for year and consistently brought quality innovative products to the dental industry at amazingly affordable prices. I first became a big fan of there product line after learning about their porcelain repair system at a presentation by Dr. Howard Glazer, at the Big Apple Dental Meeting. The produce is called Embrace. However, what I want to tell you about today is Spee-Dee Build-Up. I am impressed!

Automix #3840051……………..$69.99……………Must be ordered with Cliff or at the Pulpdent Booth #2211 where you ask for Mike.

Spee-Dee Build-Up:

Attachment – Pulpdent Table Clinic @ the Greater New York Dental Meeting 2009

Quick Glaze……………………………………………………………………………….

All Dental Prodx / Spa Prodx is another sleeper company. They have a unique, price sensitive line of products. The Spa side of there company has what it takes to make the patients dental experience very different. The clinical side offers some of the highest quality products that perform and save money, Quick Gaze is a perfect example. It is the fastest way to give an acrylic temp a high luster stain resistant shine. You can find them at the Asteto Dent Lab Booth #825. Ask for Kate.

Contact Information for The Greater NY Dental Meeting Show……………………

I can be contacted at any time during the NY Show. I will be on the exhibit floor all 4 days. If you can not find me at the Henry Schein Exhibit (#1417), you can reach me by cell phone (201-321-7494). When ordering product at the manufacturer booths, ask for the representative covering your zip code and tell them to contact me for pricing. Manufacturers are only authorized to quote suggested retail price.

Messages can be left for me at the customer information center at the front of the Henry Schein Exhibit. Also, there will be a cocktail party and High Tech Demonstration, sponsored by the GNYDM, at the Henry Schein Exhibit from 5:30-6:30 Sunday Afternoon.

Today is Sunday November 22nd. Please stay safe and enjoy the day.

Cliff Marsh

Henry Schein Dental

P.O. Box 663, 45 Rt. 46 East, Suite 605

Pine Brook, NJ 07058

tel. 201-321-7494



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