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Direction According to Webster, Bone Grafting Materials

Cliff’s Notes for December 20, 2009

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“A smart man speaks and a wise man listens”
Jimmie Hendrix

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* Direction, According to Webster.
* Bone Grafting Material Up-Date.
* Learn Implants! Hands-on Education Center Opens in Clifton!

Direction! According to Webster…………………………………………………………………………….
Direction, according to Webster (for those of you of tender years, Webster defines the words in the English language), can be defined as; A general course along which something has a tendency to develop; “I couldn’t follow the direction of his thoughts”; “his ideals determined the direction of his career”; “they proposed a new direction for the firm”. Now ask yourself if you have a definite direction for your business and your career? A Football Quarter Back (American Football) gets possession of the ball on his own 20 yard line. He needs to see the goal line 80 yards away and formulate a plan on getting there or he doesn’t score.

It doesn’t matter how old you are or how long you’ll be practicing, your practice is one of your greatest assets. It can be a major part of your future financial independence. Unfortunately, most dentists leave 50% of there potential equity on the table because they didn’t have a plan. A dental practice that has annual collections of $1M would have an equity value of about $500k. If formulated correctly, the equity value realized could be $1.5-$2M. I’ll bet you just said B-S_ _ T. Well, just like a “dental accountant” can show you how to transfer tax liabilities into healthy revenue generating investments, a dental business consultant can help formulate a plan to move forward. A good friend of mine is an accountant and a member of the American Academy of Dental CPA’s. One of his lecture topics is “The 10 Biggest Mistakes a Dentist Makes”, Number 1 is waiting too long.

Let me ask a question; Are you a “for profit” organization? Unless I missed something along the way, most of us get up and go to work for 2 reasons, fortune & glory with fortune being high on the daily agenda. Increasing revenue on a daily basis is what we strive for. Everything we do is defined as ROI (return on investment). Why don’t we consider investing in the engine that drives our entire lives? Maybe we don’t because most of us think like general consumers. It’s time to think outside the box.

Last week I read a transcript of an interview with an industrial psychiatrist. The topic was technology and how it affects our behaviors and thought process. On-line marketing (the type I promote) actually puts us in a box. If you surf the internet looking at all the things that interest you, cyberspace knows. You will be bombarded with advertisements covering your range of interests and that will not you leave any time to explore what you don’t know about. That’s why we need to consult with professionals that have different interest and thought patterns. You need to stimulate your creativity with the things you don’t think about.

Implementing a business investment strategy is critical to long term financial success. It doesn’t really matter to me what impression material or composite you use. You’ll use what works the best for you. However, if I can help you do more dentistry and realize the financial rewards, you are going to need more supplies and if you need more supplies, you can get better prices. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your biggest problem is how to legally reduce your tax liability because you made too much money? Then again, most of us are “smart men”, aren’t we?

As always, I am available at any time if you should have any questions or concerns.

Bone Grafting Material Up-date………………………………………………………………
I have been receiving a lot of requests for information on bone grafting materials. Below are links to the more popular brands.

1. Ossix Plus Resorbable Collagen Membrane. Distributed by OraPharma and sold through Henry Schein.

2. Healos Bone Graft Substitute. Manufactured by DePuySpine, a Johnson & Johnson Company, and distributed by OraPharma. Sold through Henry Schein

3. Ace Surgical has an assortment of materials, all available through Henry Schein.

4. Foundation, a collagen base bone filling augmentation material is distributed by J. Morita and available through Henry Schein

Hands-On Implant Training Center Opens in Clifton, NJ…………………………………..
Atlantic Dental Implant Seminars has opened a hands-on training center in Clifton, NJ. The center offers sessions on all levels of implantology. Implants 101 is a 2 days session and surgery can be preformed on site. ADIS has also opened a training center in Jamaica. The 7 day course is supported by the Ministry of Jamaica and the Linkow Institute. All accommodations are First Class. For more information, please follow the link.

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