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2 Inspirational Stories to end 2009

Cliff’s Notes for December 27, 2009

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“Please forgive me, my eyes have grown tiered and week in the service of my country”
George Washington

In This Issue
Two Stories to end 2009, we’ll get back to the dental world next week.

Leadership & Respect
As I get older, inspirational stories mean more. I guess it’s because of the numerous victories and failures we all endure over the years. The victories are sweet but the failures make us stronger. A few of you know that one of my greatest heroes is George Washington. He lead by example and lived what he believed. He was an exceptional human being. The following short story is one of my favorites. The actual facts may have changed over the years; however, the basis of the story is true.

After the victory over England the Continental Congress needed to build a new government. Being very short on funds, it became apparent that they could not pay the army. The troops became disgruntled and a number of the officers wanted to take troops to Philadelphia to demand their pay or remove the congress and take control over the new union. The officers arrange to meet and discuss the plan. Washington heard of the gathering and walked into the room during the conversations. The room fell silent as Washington entered and spoke. He said, “Gentlemen, for 7 hard years many of our brothers have died fighting a war for our freedom and independence from tyranny. We did this to remove a tyrant, not to create a new one”. Washington then took out his pocket watch and not being able to see the hands clearly, removed a pair of spectacles from his pocket and put them on. The officers in the room were stunned. Washington had never allowed them to ever see any of his frailties or weaknesses. As he returned the spectacles to his pocket, he looked at the gathering of true patriots and said “Please forgive me, my eyes have grown tiered and week in the service of my country”. As Washington left the room, there was silence. Inspired by his pure courage and dedication as well as the respect and loyalty he commanded, the group dropped their plans and disbanded.

The Home Run
Just the other day I was watching ESPN’s Greatest Sports Moments of the Decade. I coached my kid’s sports for years. Most recently my daughter’s softball team so this story got to me. Everyone should hear this story. Compete hard, play to win, but if you give it everything you’ve got and today, your opponent comes out on top, respect their victory. ESPN showed the actual game film and coincidently, my oldest brother who lives in Maryland just sent me a link to a very short film created around the story. It’s called “The Home Run”. I hope you enjoy it and pass it on. The story is true; you can see the real film on ESPN. By the way, the girl was a senior; it was her last at bat in her last game. She never hit a home run.

If we do not have a chance to speak in the next few days, please have a safe and happy New Year!!


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