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Oral Cancer Detection Technology, Conservative Preparations, Buy & Selling Professional Practices

Cliff’s Notes for April 11, 2010

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“Keep Your Friends Close and Your Enemies Closer”
Chinese General & Military Strategist (4oo BC)

In This Issue:
• Oral Cancer Detection Technology May be Your Worst Enemy or Your Best Friend!
• Conservative Cavity Preparations!
• Flowable Composites!
• Are you thinking about selling your practice? What’s it worth?

Oral Cancer Detection Technology May be Your Worst Enemy or Your Best Friend………
Ok, I’ve been arguing that technology is the “2nd coming” for the future of your business and that has not changed. However, it will force YOU to change even if you don’t get involved. Now, let me explain that.

New diagnostic abilities will subject a healthcare provider to a more detailed analysis and diagnosis. Clinical documentation will need to be more detailed and that will include digital images of the progress of a treatment plan. This is the “New World” liability and that may be your worst enemy or at the very least, your adversary. That brings us to this week’s quote about keeping your enemies close.

As many of my clients know, one of my favorite sayings is “defense wins games” and the best way to defend yourself against clinical liability is a complete diagnosis and detailed documentation. The nicest people and the best patients in the world change when situations change and we all know that the stress of everyday life is rising. Many years ago a friend told me that there is a special name for all the good boys & girls in the world, we call them our sons & daughters and Mrs. Smith who has been your patient for 10 years was just diagnosed with oral cancer. By the way, her son is a lawyer.

Q. Dr., what is your standard of care with regard to oral cancer detection?
A. We follow all ADA recommendations.
Q. Dr., are you aware that there is technology available that will identify abnormal tissue up to 4 years prior to it becoming malignant?
A. Yes.
Q. Do you utilize this equipment and if not, why?
A. No, I am not fully convinced of the accuracy.

I think you know where this is going. What’s going to happen is that your insurance company will settle with the plaintive, you will go back to work and your insurance premiums go up. You also just spent a boat load of money defending yourself. Then there is the fact that your office failed to diagnose a serious condition in one of your patients.

The three pieces of technology that you will need to engage (if you haven’t already) are, in my personal priority order:
1. High Quality Dental Practice Management Software.
2. Digital Radiography.
3. Oral Cancer Screening Equipment.

Identafi 3000 ultra Oral Cancer Screening System –

Cliff’s Notes Special Price – $2789.00

The Identafi™ 3000 ultra uses the Identafi™ Multi-Spectral Fluorescence and Reflectance technology to enhance visualization of mucosal abnormalities such as oral cancer or premalignant dysplasia that may not be apparent to the naked eye. But unlike other fluorescence technologies and dye systems, the Identafi™ 3000 ultra is Multi-Spectral with three distinct color wavelengths, making it easier to distinguish lesion morphology and vasculature thereby reducing false positives.

Conservative Cavity Preparations……………………………………………….
Conservative Cavity Preparations. Minimally invasive dentistry has been front page for a number of years. We all took notice when introduced to Micro Air Abrasion in the early 90’s, but we had to deal with the mess. Since then, new techniques have led to the development of some fantastic tools. The Two Striper line has always been one of my favorites.

Two Striper MicroPrep diamonds from Premier are designed with small abrasive heads to facilitate conservative tooth preparation and longer necks to enhance vision and control. Ideal for minimally invasive and microscope-assisted dentistry, Two Striper MicroPrep diamonds are said to help satisfy the growing demand in dentistry for more conservative treatment tools and techniques, including fissurotomy procedures.
MicroPreps are available in six unique friction grip shapes for a variety of clinical indications where minimally invasive and conservative treatments are desired. Featuring a patented, P.B.S.® bonding process of natural diamond crystals, these Two Striper diamond instruments reportedly maintain cutting efficiency over multiple uses, since diamond crystals are guaranteed not to strip or peel from the hardened stainless steel shank.
M 3780136






Friction grip (31) shank – 5/package

Indicated for minimally invasive cavity preps and pit and fissure sealant placement

Flowable Composites………………………………………………………………..
The development of flowable composites revolutionized posterior composite restorations. It is fitting that “Revolution” by Kerr was the first and there have been many to follow. Below are some links to some that I receive the most compliments about.

Kerr Revolution 2 Flowable –

Dentsply Esthete-X Flowable –

3M Filtek Plus Flow –

Kurary Majesty Flow – (No Bubbles!!)

Henry Schein Natural Elegance Flow –

SDI Wave Flowable –

Are You Thinking About Selling Your Practice? What’s It Worth?……………….
So, you grossed $1M last year and collected $890K. So, your practice is worth $800K, right? Wrong! The selling price of a practice has many variables and just like selling a house, you need to prepare for it. Selling or buying a dental practice (business) is very different than a house. You only need a few months to prepare a house, but a business takes at least 3 years. You can make a decision to buy a house in just a few weeks, but a small business takes months.

If you are thinking about transitioning out of your practice, we need to talk. Don’t walk away leaving money on the table and remember, at the end of the day if both sides are a little un-happy, it’s a good deal.

Henry Schein’s Practice Transition team works directly with your financial and legal advisors. You are only selling the business once, do it right.

Planning and preparation are vital to a successful career transition. Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions (PPT) can provide you with the advice and guidance you will need to accomplish your plans. The PPT Team can help you separate the myths from the facts, and work with you to ensure a smooth transition—always with your best interests in mind. Dentists need customized solutions to achieve their practice goals whether they are a new or established dental practice. Additionally, dentists approaching the end of their careers, require services that will help ease their transition into retirement.PPT offers an unmatched nationwide network of contacts with extensive knowledge of dental practice purchases and sales. They will assist you in finding a buyer or seller and manage every detail, whether an appraisal, financing for dental practice growth, negotiating strategy, or closing services. Look to PPT for the perfect practice transition.
For more information, contact Henry Schein Professional Practice Transitions:
Call Cliff @ 201-321-7494 or Phone: 1-800-730-8883

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