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Instrument Management, The SmartBur & The Social Network-Un-Charted Waters

Cliff’s Notes for September 5, 2010
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“Associate with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation; for it is better to be alone than in bad company.”
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In This Week’s Issue
• Instrument Management Systems!
• The Social Network & Your Reputation, Un-Charted Waters!
• SmartBur II & A Cliff’s Notes Client Exclusive Offer!

Instrument Management Systems……….
I get the feeling that when I talk about products, procedures or marketing, dentist think I’m trying to sell them something. Well, I guess I am. I try to sell you on concepts. Kerr, Voco, Ivolcare, 3M, etc. all produce top quality competing products. I have my preferences (for several reasons) but the best is what works best in your hands. You learn what is best for you by doing your due diligence and making informed decisions. However, you need to continually explore and advance your productivity. Sometime it requires an investment but an informed investment always leads to “retained earnings.” Don’t you just love that phrase, “retained earnings.”

Instrument management is an investment in your equipment. It is part of your work flow management and directly effects your clinical productivity. Depending on the volume of your practice and the number of operatories you utilize, there are several systems worth looking at. One important thing to remember is that instrument management is more organization than anything else. The following videos will give you an idea of how to handle your instruments and clinical supplies.

Most offices have their instrument set-ups travel together. All the instruments needed for the procedure are kept in separate groups. That’s a good thing. The ware on the instruments will be somewhat equal. Remember, we’re talking about quality instruments. Outside of hygiene scaling instruments, most of the stress is from handling and disinfecting. Quality forceps will last for 20 years. You’ll replace them because they look old but they will still work. So, how about having those instruments travel together in a safe environment?

Does your office bundle instruments? Are they dropped into the ultrasonic banging together as they are cleaned? Are they are washed in the sink and then placed into an autoclave pouch? Are they heat sterilized laying on top of each other? Are they finally placed in the draw or on a tray? I hope it’s a tray. But the biggest question is, do you really know how your instruments are handled? & do you care? Hey, it’s only money!

If you decide to use the pouch method, and there is nothing wrong with that, you should be utilizing a set-up tray system. There are a lot of tub & tray systems to choose from for the purpose of this topic I will refer to Zirc Corp. They are the industry leaders in instrument organization. They incorporate MicroBan technology molded into the heat resistant plastic that constantly disinfects. It is in its DNA. Follow the link to see a complete line of color coded instrument management and organization products.

Click on: Zirc’s innovative dental trays for organization and sterilization …

The absolute best way to handle and manage instruments are cassette systems. Again, the instrument travel together, however, they are held apart from each other through the sterilization process. After use, they are never touched again until they are ready for the next use. There are many systems to choose from, however, quality should always out way price when it comes to instruments. There are different size cassettes and they are available in plastic as seen in the Zirc link or metal as seen in the Hu-Friedy video. The most important thing to remember is that you need to manage your instrument as closely as your inventory or check book. The following YouTube videos were made by Hu-Friedy & Zirc.

Zirc Plastic Cassette System

Hu-Friedy Metal Cassette System

The SmartBur II & A Cliff’s Notes Client Exclusive Offer……….
The SmartBur was developed by SSWhite. It will not cut dentin! The procedure is simple and can be viewed by following the SmartBur link.
Special Pricing Offer is available to Cliff’s Notes Direct Clients – Combo Starter Kit –item #999-1122

The introductory promotion is only available to Cliff’s Notes Clients. This offer will not appear on the blog site. Call cliff @ 201-321-7494 or e-mail

SpartBur II Procedure:

The Social Network & Your Reputation………
The following article was written by Abe Kasbo, CEO of Verasoni Worldwide. As the media evolves the world is getting smaller, faster and more informed. If you are a business owner or manager, you need to know the rewards and the dangers of the social network. We’re in un-charted waters!.
Social Search, Google & Your Reputation
Filed under: Advertising, Branding, Business To Business, Healthcare, Mobil Marketing, Public Relations, Social Marketing, Strategy, Marketing Strategy September 2, 2010
Social networking is a prolific tool. Ya think? It continues to connect us to friends, products, services and information faster than anyone could have ever imagined. While social networking is now a fact of life, it has been hailed as the holy grail of marketing, or at least one of them. An interesting byproduct of social networking is the natural emergence of social search. Yup, social search is just peeking its head, and the implications for businesses, products, and brands could not be more profound.
Your friends tweet, write and update their statuses on various topics. They also read tweets, status updates, blogs and retweets, or share links and other information with their network. And while Google is busy snapping up social search start-ups who include your friends’ content in their search from the broader web, for example if you search for “New York Restaurant” on Google, and your friend has a blog about “New York Restaurants” then your friend’s blog will show up in your search. Not sure the relevancy or value of this type of search, but like a lion waiting in the bush, I have learned to carefully size up new technologies and their uses, so I am taking a wait and see approach before I go after the game.
Here is another way to look at social search. Everyone is already doing it, although businesses may or may not be listening. “What’s a hot spot in Barcelona?” one of my facebook friends asked? Another, “Who know a good Ridgewood area wedding dress tailor?” Yet another, “Can anyone recommend a good pediatric dentist?” And so on…so intra-personal network search is indeed taking something that is alive and well, and with the emergence of sites like FourSquare and facebook Places, social search happens as people eat, shop, and do, yes, as people do. So how do businesses best leverage this fast moving consumer behavior? Here are three sure fire ways to get your enterprise going:
1. Understand it’s about integration of your marketing – All of your marketing communications assets must work together, especially the web. Ensure that your web assets speak appropriately to the depth and breadth of your market as well as your products and services. Note that today, you will need more than a website to compete, in fact if you have a website in the traditional sense, then you have a typewriter. Your Mar/Com campaigns must engage the tools of the web, including apps, social networking, and location based web services.
2. Your Web Reputation is Your Reputation – So true, so dangerous, so full of opportunity. Understanding what people say about you online, and where they say it is crucial. This is a great opportunity to listen to your market, adjust, and engage.
3. Cultivate Web Brand Ambassadors – There are people who love your brand and who will gladly serve as brand evangelists. Engage these folks, on and offline to help you grow your business’ influence.

Sunday September 5, 2010……….
Please enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend. Re-charge your battery because it’s time to concentrate on the 4th quarter. Contact your accountant or tax advisor and schedule a 3rd quarter review and yearend tax planning session for mid October. We’ll discuss that in a few weeks, but schedule it today! Some great tax advantages available this year will be going away in 2011.

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