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Putting Patients Back in the Chair, Tuff-Temp, Help Green the Planet

Cliff’s Notes for October 10, 2010


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In This Week’s Issue

·Putting Patients in the Chair, The New Challenge!

·Product Review, Tuff-Temp by Pulpdent!

·Reduce your Electric Bill & Help Green the Planet!




Putting Patients Back in the Chair, The New Challenge………………………………..

“Putting The Patient Back In The Chair”. In today’s Technological age dentistry has become the forefront of preventive medicine, the tip of the sword. It has become a dental practice’s moral & ethical obligation to provide extended services to inform and remind their patient base of appointments and the need to keep oral health high on their priority list. And like a good educator, you need to reward all the efforts.


Every dental office has problems with re-care. To start, you need to remember that the term is RE-CARE not RE-CALL. Cars are re-called, people are re-cared. Terminology does make a difference. It establishes a mind set and can change the culture of your office. However, that’s a whole other conversation.


Everybody is selling something & they all have the answer. However, there are several that offer some super values. Unfortunately they are not free, but if they are incorporated into an overall marketing plan they are priceless, they are an investment and need to produce an acceptable ROI. The truth is that human nature dictates how people react and new technology is changing human behavior. Think about it, there are more text messages sent every day than there are people on the planet. If you want to address your patient base, you need to be in their line of sight.


As I said, there are many systems available and few of them are free. If they are free, there is another agenda that is being front lined. Never, never, never allow any other organization or service to piggyback off of your system and don’t piggyback off of theirs. They are usually advertisement and they will dilute the effectiveness of your message and your message is “Dentistry is the Forefront of Preventive Medicine, the Tip of the Sword”.


Let’s take a look at some of the proven and effective systems & methods of getting patients back into the office and excited to tell their family and friends how great you are.


1.      DemandForce is an automated program that is proven to create and increase consumer demand. Your customer base is transformed into a powerful social network, allowing you to communicate, improve your online reputation and bring patients back more often. Because the program syncs with your existing management software, it’s easy and fast. You will need to collect e-mail addresses and cell phone numbers to utilize this system. Let’s face it, people don’t answer the phone anymore but they do respond to text or e-mail. DemandForce will notify them (by the method of their choice) reminding them about appointments, thanking them after appointments, sending out newsletters, asking for referrals and monitoring comments to protect your reputation.


This is a subscription based program and costs $299.99/month but guaranties a 3 to 1 return as long as you have at least 250 contacts. What that means is that if you do not realize $900.00 in new revenue, the following month is free. The program works directly with your practice management software and not only reminds patients of their appointment, it sends them a “thank you” after they leave the office. DemandForce will also ask for online referrals and track them. The direct association with Google allows you to fully protect your reputation and every time a patient responds to your e-mail notice or news letter, you move up on the Google search.


Utilizing e-mail and text messaging in the DemandForce format is the most complete and effective system available. Please follow this YouTube link to learn more and then call me at 201-321-7494. Cliff’s Notes may be able to provide free set-ups and links.

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Your customers’ habits are changing. Is your business keeping up? Watch our short video and learn how DemandForce can help you.


2.      Loyal Patient Savings Rewards is a unique new program that was just introduced– it rewards your patients every single month with savings on the things all of us really want: travel, entertainment, and brand-name merchandise. And the good news is that, under this program, you don’t pay a penny for the rewards!


·Low Monthly Fee covers ALL Patients – UNLIMITED Rewards

You can say “thank you for being our patient” with thousands of dollars in savings rewards, and all you pay is a flat fee of $367 a month to reward ALL your patients (just $325 per month if you enroll for a year – a $500 annual savings!). Your patients receive $250 in rewards when the program starts (it’s announced with two direct mailings) and $50 more in rewards every single month in an email from you, telling them how much you appreciate their choosing you for their dental care. And the rewards spend dollar-for-dollar just like real cash, for guaranteed savings on 150,000 products!


·Builds Your Brand and Relationship Again and Again

This is a patient thank-you program that builds your relationship and your brand with your patient every single month, even when they’re not coming in for treatment! You’re in touch with them in the most positive way — not by selling dentistry, but by rewarding them to thank them for choosing you for care.


They’ll tell all their friends “you’ll never believe what my dentist is doing!” They’ll see your name and photo on the initial direct mail, the monthly e-statements, and each time they come into your office (they get a personalized certificate congratulating them for taking good care of themselves, bearing your photo and their name and rewards account), plus a follow up email (again from you, with your photo), thanking them again for coming in for care.  


·How’s this possible?

The rewards partners cover the cost of the rewards … (16,000 hotels, 83,000 restaurant offers, all the major cruise lines, sports equipment providers, Swarovski jewelry, Michael Kors designer handbags, Omaha Steaks, gift cards from Macy’s, Nieman Marcus, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Old Navy, Gap, Orvis, Brooks Brothers , Brookstone) … the list goes on and on – there is something for every taste, every budget!


·The partners pay for the rewards so you don’t have to! Why? Because your patients become new customers for them, and they have no marketing costs to bring them in the door. Think how much you spend to bring in a new patient … we save them all that marketing cost and they simply pass through what they would have spent on marketing as an instant  savings for your patient! It’s ingenious, and Henry Schein has an exclusive to bring it to you.


·And More Rewards

Plus, the program rewards your patients on their birthday with $100 from you in birthday savings rewards. It rewards them with $25 in bonus rewards on Valentines, Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Back-To School, and end of the year holidays. And four times a year it emails your patients (from you to them), encouraging them to recommend their friends, relatives and colleagues – it encourages them to “share the same gentle, professional care you enjoy with us – and we’ll enroll them in our Loyal Patient Savings program too!”


·And there’s more

Unlike other programs, your patients can use their rewards instantly – there’s no waiting or collecting to reach 25,000 points or miles! Patients love instant gratification! Plus, there is NO WORK for your team to do… Loyal Patients integrates with all the major practice management systems (Dentrix, Eaglesoft, Softdent, EasyDental, Practiceworks and eight more) so your software does the work, not your team!


For more information call me at any time 201-321-7494 or log onto Take a look at the YouTube video below.

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Dentist Rewards Patients!

A dentist is using Loyal Patient™ Rewards (savings on travel, entertainment, and merchandise) to reward patients for good oral health.


Tuff-Temp by Pulpdent……………………………………………………………

Pulpdent is one of those smaller companies the produces some of the best products in the dental industry. I have been recommending their porcelain repair system for years. Now they have introduced a new type of material that has benefits above and beyond anything you currently use, and I mean anything!


Pulpdent – Tuff-Temp™  TTA1, Tuff-Temp Provisional Veneer, Crown & Bridge Resin, A1 shade, 50 mL cartridge + 20 automix A20, Automix tips for TuffTemp 5 mL.

Pulpdent Corporation has introduced Tuff-Temp Provisional Veneer, Crown & Bridge Resin, a new rubberized-urethane provisional material with advantages over acrylics and bis-acrylics. Tuff-Temp is the first innovation in temporary materials in almost two decades. The proprietary chemistry, available only from Pulpdent, provides greater strength and dimensional stability, and a tighter fitting provisional restoration.

With Pulpdent Tuff-Temp Resin, temporaries are tough, impact-resistant, and grip the teeth. Chipping, breaking, debonding, and recementations are minimized or eliminated.

Tuff-Temp is designed to grind and powder, producing crisp and accurate margins that do not soften or distort. It does not gum up or clog finishing instruments. Exceptional results can be achieved by trimming with a slow speed acrylic bur, fine grit diamond bur, or finishing and polishing disk system. A fast application of Tuff-Temp Provisional Glaze provides enhanced esthetics and patient satisfaction during temporization.

Tuff-Temp is dual cure. It both self-cures and has a light cure option to produce a final set, full strength restoration on demand. The fast light cure option is also ideal for use with a clear vinyl polysiloxane template.

For alterations or smile design, the Tuff-Temp system includes Tuff-Temp Provisional Add-on, a shade-matching, light cure, flowable resin formulated from the Pulpdent’s proprietary rubberized-urethane chemistry.

Tuff-Temp is packaged in a 50 mL automix cartridge that fits into a standard one-to-one gun used for impression materials. It is available in six popular shades: A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1 and Bleach.

Pulpdent manufactures high-quality products for the dental profession, including adhesives, composites, sealants, cements, etching gels, calcium hydroxide products, endodontic specialties and bonding accessories. For more information call 800-343-4342 or visit


Reduce your Electric Bills While Helping Keep the Planet Green………………

This is not a sales pitch, it’s for real. I signed up my home and I’m saving about 20% on my electric bill. My power is still provided and serviced by my local company, PSE&G, and they are still responsible for all services and repairs. The only difference in my life is that my usage costs me less. Now through Cliff’s Notes, you can connect with no obligation or contracts.


Help Green The Plant: There are 2 programs to choose from. The first guaranties that 20% of your usage will obtained from reusable energy sources and added to the local grid and the second guaranties that 100% will be obtained from Green Energy source such as Wind Turbines. For more information call Cliff @ 201-321-7494 or log onto


Remember, The Cliff’s Notes link will guaranty no contracts and you will be able to cancel or switch at any time. This one is a no brainer.


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