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Dental Coding Up-Date & What Is a DPAT?

Cliff’s Notes for November 14, 2010



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In This Week’s Issue

* SAF (Self Adjusting File) System – Special Report!

* Insurance Coding Up-Date!

* Cliff’s Picks for the NY Show!



SAF Special Report!……………………………………………… 

On Thursday evening, November 11th, The SAF System was introduced for the first time nationally in a formal hands-on session in Englewood Cliffs, NJ. 22 dentists attended the 90 minutes concept driven lecture and then had the opportunity to play with the systems. The general consensus was WOW! The concept is evolutionary and does provide better dentistry. However, the technique takes about the same amount of time and the end cost of procedure will be about the same.


The files can be autoclaved @ 110 degrees and reused but as with all files, inspect it before use. The file will not separate under normal use. If by some far off chance that one does separate, it can be fully removed in seconds with a hedstrom file. This month’s issue of JOE will feature more articles and recommendations on the entire system and concept. The SAF System is a Cliff’s Notes “MUST SEE”.


For those of you attending the Greater NY Dental Meeting, Endovations and the SAF can be seen at a hands-on exhibit booth. The booth # is new to the show so stop by the Schein Booth or call me get the location of the hands-on session, I will be there all 4 days. For those of you not attending, please contact me about an in office or on-line demonstration.


You can also log onto



Insurance Coding Up-Date…………………………….

I need to thank my team at Henry Schein for reminding me about this very important subject. Henry Schein understands that our success is directly affected by yours. We both service the same end user. The network of information that the Schein World Provides can help keep us a little ahead of the curve. If I can help you be more profitable, maximize your standard of care to do more dentistry, you are going to need more dental supplies. Everybody wins, including the patient. That’s why coding and production reports are so critical and a great place to start.


There is a report that I have used to help my clients focus on “soft spots” within their organizations. The report is called DPAT (Digital Practice Analysis Tool). DPAT will give you a good snap-shot of you practice with regard to your fee schedule (as it relates to your local market), your production (as reported by your billing codes and compared to ADA averages) and the effectiveness of your re-care systems. The report is based on data taken directly from your management systems so there is no real question of its accuracy. DPAT was designed to raise questions about the current state of a dental practice and future possibilities. After we  identify soft-spots, we can formulate solutions. DPAT does require a licensing fee by National Reporting Agencies (approx. $100.00) and that can be billed through Henry Schein. Henry Schein clients receive a discount because of our volume. You can purchase the license directly at a cost of about $250.00, but it does not include the DPAT.


A DPAT should be requested on an annual basis. It is formulated to be part of your planning sessions when meeting with your financial advisors. It is a true measure of what your practice is doing. However, the one thing the DPAT will not do is examine your insurance cross-coding in detail, but it will raise questions.


Insurance companies change their payment schedules and policies to comply with regulations and make more money. Insurance companies are “for profit” organizations. Quiet often, the sequence that procedures are billed affect payments on treatment plans.


Dr. Charles Blair is a top industry consultant. Henry Schein has chosen his book on coding as our recommendation to our client base. The book “Coding With Confidence” sells for $99.95 (product #3677233).


Please view these videos on coding. You may want to involve your staff. I would also like to thank “DMDEdege” for the reminder.




Cliff’s Picks………………………………………………………………

VelScope is a must have piece of equipment for every dental office!!

I don’t think I can say that any clearer. In 2011the VelScope will become standard office equipment. You add $25.00 to your exams and have the patient sign the chart if they chose not to utilize the service. The new cordless unit is smaller than a travel size hair dryer. It costs $2499.00 (before any promotions) and qualifies for IRS section 179. The cost per exam is about $1.50.

The VelScope provides better diagnostic opportunities than any other “blue light” system available. Digital camera attachments are available so documentation can be saved for review or e-mailed for consultation. The VelScope can be seen at the NY Show at exhibit booth #5036. I can also arrange for personal demonstrations for you or your staff.

Sunday, November 14, 2010…………………………………………….

Today’s weather promises to be almost perfect. Enjoy your family and the day, and please be safe.

Cliff Marsh

Henry Schein Dental

P.O. Box 663, 45 Rt. 46 East, Suite 605

Pine Brook, NJ 07058

tel. 201-321-7494



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