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Product Review – Loyal Patients Inc.

Cliff’s Notes



November 28, 2010 



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Cliff Marsh, Henry Schein ……Cell: 201-321-7494……Fax: 201-262-2210…..E-mail:



Your premium brand had better be delivering something special, or it’s not going to get the business!”

Warren Buffett



In This Week’s Issue

Cliff’s Locations At the Greater New York Dental Meeting!

Absolute Must See Products!

Product Review – Loyal Patients Inc.



Cliff’s Location at the NY Show……………………………………….

Cell phones work inside the Jacob Javits Center. Call me at: 201-321-7494

Henry Schein Booth #1023

Endovations Booth #1015


If you plan on attending the meeting and need my assistance, please let me know as soon as possible so I can free-up my schedule. I plan on being available on the convention floor Sunday-Wednesday 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM.


Absolute Must See Products!………………………………………………………. 

Velscope should be part of every dental practice. The bottom line is that it saves lives! Booth #5036

Endovations is an evolution in endodontics. See it and try it at booth #1015

GURU & the iPad now work together for an enhanced patient educational experience. Booth #1019

Digital Radiography is yesterday. If you need to look at getting into it, forget everything else, Digital is a priority! Dexis booth #4007

Porcelain Repair works when Pulpdent’s Porcelain Repair system is used. The best “Sleeper Company” of this year’s show. Booth #2211

Traxodent by Premier Dental is close in being my choice of product of the year. No more retraction cord! Booth #5013

VOCO is all quality with one of the most unique product lines. Booth #4623


Give Your Patients Millions of Dollars in Loyal Patient Savings……

Log onto: 

When asked for a Territory Code, Enter NJ35 

The most common problem I hear is that is requires so much effort to get patients to come in. Putting patients in the chair is as challenging as getting them to commit to a necessary treatment plan. There are some great programs available to help keep your name in front of patients and the power of the media lets you display the value.


Last week I got to see a presentation by a group called Loyal Patients. At first I thought the program was expensive ($300.00/month) until I understood the full scope of the program. This rewards program is for real! I think that this could be the most effective patient management systems I have seen. It is defiantly worth a look and maybe an online demonstration. The system will be at the NY Show, call me when you get there. 201-321-7494.


                                       Log onto: 


Learn about Loyal Patient™ Savings…


What Patients Are Saying…



Enroll TODAY in Loyal Patient™ Savings Rewards

Territory Code – NJ35

  • Save your patients thousands of dollars on travel, entertainment, and brand-name merchandise, for pennies on the dollar!
  • Patients Redeem For Instant Savings (no collecting points)
  • Add rewards to patient accounts, absolutely FREE!
  • Reward Your Patients, Increase Your Profits!

Reward Your Team Too!

  • Rewards specific behaviors that drive profits and morale
  • Reinforces key behaviors every month, in minutes
  • Communicates clear expectations for each employee’s success
  • Works with any dental HR/Bonus System
  • A “thank you” to those who help you succeed
  • Affordable, powerful, turnkey

Special Offer!

Territory Code – NJ35

When you enroll in BOTH the Patient and the Team Savings Rewards Programs…

                                        Log onto: 

Enroll in the Loyal Patient Savings program and when you ALSO enroll in the Loyal Team Savings program, enjoy one full month of the Team Savings Rewards program for just $1.00!


See You In NY…Loyal Patient Territory Code – NJ35



Cliff Marsh


Henry Schein Dental

P.O. Box 663 / 45 Rt. 46 East, Suite 605

Pine Brook, NJ 07058

Cell: 201-321-7494

Fax: 201-262-2210  

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