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Need More Patients? & Insurance Coding with Charles Blair!

Cliff’s Notes December 5, 2010



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About the time we can make the ends meet, somebody moves the ends.” 

Herbert Hoover



In This Weeks Issue:

·         Need More Patients?

·         Does Your Business Spend Money or Invest it?

·         More Insurance Coding by Charles Blair!




Need More Patients?………………………………………………

Do, you think you need more patients? Maybe you should look at your re-care system first. Most offices I walk into have active patients that are not in re-care. This is marketing, however, it’s internal marketing and it’s less expensive, more effective and yield quick results. Nothing worth anything is free and if you try to do this cheap, that’s what it will be. Current patients already know you and like you. You just need to get them in on a regular basis. Control your re-care system and your production should increase by 30%.


How do we control re-care? First, you appoint everyone before they leave the office. No exception! Second, obtain e-mail and cell phone numbers. No Exceptions! Communicate with the patient via e-mail or phone 2 weeks prior to their appointment to summarize their lasts visit. Most of these tasks can be automated and are available within most software package. Please contact me directly for more direction on the re-care process.


Recently I was introduced to an incredible patient retention system. Loyal Patient Inc. has developed a unique marketing system that allows you to give “real money” to your patients every months and on their birthday. You can also use the program to reward employees. You can give out thousands of dollars / month for $350.00. The monthly e-mail reward also has your picture. You got to see this. What the video but don’t order it. Contact me by phone 201-321-7494 or by e-mail or contact John DiMartino and use Territory Discount Code NJ35.

John DiMartino, Loyal Patients, Inc. Ph: (609) 678-1886 / Cell: (609) 781-1097


Click on this link:  Loyal Patients Inc. 



Spend or Invest, What Does Your Business Do?……….

I tell all of my clients that everything you do is an investment. The question is, what is the return? When you hire an employee, it’s an investment. When you hire an accountant or supplier, it’s an investment. So, how do you know if an investment in some new technology will help your practice? What investment will have the fastest positive impact? Start with a DPAT report. The DPAT will highlight, in black & white, production areas of concern. For more information on the DPAT (Dental Practice Analysis Tool), please feel free to contact me at any time.

Article by Melissa Evans

A small business can be so consuming that it is difficult for an owner to stand back and realize what their business really needs. Some business owners have a traditional store front that never really got the finishing touches that would make it more polished or maybe the store simply hasn’t seen an update in who knows how long. An online business can even show a little worse for the wear, with outdated graphics and slow technology. By taking the time and finding the resources to invest in their actual business, an entrepreneur can see a great return and an opportunity for growth.

Where to Put the Money: When it comes to real estate, most people know to put the money in bathrooms and kitchens and the investment will almost always be paid back in re-sale. The difficulty for a business owner is knowing where to make the investment in their business. Some business owners are absolutely faced with not even realizing some updates and upgrades need to be made. Businesses that are independently run with very little outside help are especially subject to this type of issue. Other business owners are so involved emotionally that they cannot see what their customer’s are seeing. The bottom line is that profits are being lost.

The first place a business owner should look for input regarding upgrades to their business is their customers. Whether it is customer surveys, comment cards or even directly speaking with customers after they have experienced your product or service, getting direct feedback from a user’s experience is incredibly eye opening and valuable for business owners.

Don’t Forget the Important People

Sometimes the best resources for input are right in front of the business owner. Employees are involved first hand with a business and can speak from their own perspective and possibly even provide feedback they have received from customers. Employees can let a business owner know when systems have grown slow or when store fixtures have become outdated.

Employees are also a great investment opportunity in the form of training. Whether it is attending conferences or obtaining training opportunities for employees, an investment in your human resources can directly impact the daily operations and customer service of your business.

With all of the activities involved with launching a business, continuously investing is the key to long term success. And even more importantly, selecting the right areas to invest will help the business owner to gain the largest return on their investment. By putting measures in place to gain consistent trends and feedback on everything from products to the customer user experience, a business owner will be able to keep in front of the issues that could both impact and improve their business.

Dr. Charles Blair Exposes 3 Little Known Insurance Codes…..

Dr. Blair wrote the book, Coding with Confidence. Proper insurance coding will increase your revenue and improve your cash flow. For more information, please feel free to contact me at any time.

Click on this Link: Dr. Charles Blair

Dr Charles Blair exposes 3 little known codes.

The  three codes are rarely used in most practices.



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