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Cliff’s Notes for January 23, 2011

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“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened”

Dr. Seuss


In This Week’s Issue

  • Give Kids A Smile 2011!!
  • Disposable Prophy Angles, They May be Costing You More Than You Think!!
  • Walking Over Dollars to Pick Up Dimes!! – Part II


 Give Kids A Smile – February 4, 2011…………………………………….. 

Thank you to all the dental practices that are donating their time and offices to participate in the ADA’s Give Kids A Smile Program. Henry Schein has worked with industry manufacturers and donated to each qualifying office up to 50 pedo exam kits to help offset the cost of providing oral health care to kids that never get it.

This is the 4th year that I have been involved with GKAS. Every year there are more stories to share. It’s a real “feel good” event and I promise you, that if you participate, you’ll sleep great. If you want to be involved, there are several sites that would love to have your help. Please contact me at 201-321-7494 for a site referral. Next year I would love to be able to refer volunteers to your office.

Click here to link to the ADA:

Dr. Adam Kimowitz speaks to News 12 NJ about Give Kids a Smile Day – a day of charity dental care to children in need under 12.

Dr. Kimowitz is the president of the Grass Roots Dental Study Club. He can be contacted about GKAS Day or club membership at 973-627-3363 or

The following song was written 35 years ago. It was a different time and a different world, but some things may never change. The words still is true today. I hope you enjoy it on this cold NJ/NY morning.

Children Of The World Music and lyrics by Donovan P. Leitch

Disposable Prophy Angles, They May Cost More Than You Think!………Keeping in the theme of “walking over dollars to pick up dimes” let’s talk about disposable prophy angles.They’re not high tech, they’re not sexy and we don’t think about them costing much. However, some will increase patient chair time and cause your hygiene department more frustration and fatigue. The more frustration and fatigue, the less patient observation and education and that may mean 1 less accepted treatment plan per week. Do the math!The difference in price per patient is very negligible. At the retail level the difference between the most expensive and the least is only 29 cents. After those 29 cents in profit are realized, 9 cents goes to the government in tax. Now think about how many fail or how many does the hygienist have to use to get through a prophy. A competent hygienist can see about 7 patients per day. Go cheap and you may save $1.60 per day; that’ll get you to the Bahamas. But, 8 hygiene patients a day just may!Hygiene is the engine that drives a successful dental practice. Stop trying to pick up the dimes (literally) and start letting your hygiene department pick up dollars. Below are some “Cliff’s Notes” suggestions on quality disposable angles along with retail (before discounts or mfg specials) single unit price.

  • Cliff Notes Choice as the Best! Kerr Total Care’s Perfect Pearl

Click for free sample: – $0.55 ea. @ Retail

  • Cliff’s Notes Choice as the most Economical mix in Cost & Quality

Acclean Disposable Prophy Angles – $0.44 each @ Retail

The Henry Schein Acclean disposable, latex-free short cups feature a gear design that delivers maximum torque and vibration-free operation. Click here to: Read more

Denticator Click for free sample:

$0.48 @ Retail

AllPro Click for sample:

$0.46 @ Retail


Walking Over Dollars to Pick-Up Dimes – Part II………………………..

I know many of you have had weather situations that have negatively impacted our customer’s daily production, like last week’s cancellations. Now think about this, are they canceled or re-scheduled? Because production has been low and there may be a “lull” in cash flow, you need to invest in the “catch-up” time.

This past week I had conversations with several clients who understand production. Monday was a holiday, and the doc knew the schedule would be packed. He normally had 2 hygienists, but because he knew school was closed and he had lost several days to Mother Nature, he brought in a 3rd. The day was dedicated to exams and treatment plans! Another client told me that the only competition he really worried about was the weather, car dealers & tuitions. His focus is always overall wellness.

A tip from the ADCPA.

For those of you who have incurred weather issues, here are some tips from Rick Willeford from the ADCPA on what dentists can do to make up for lost revenue. The ADCPA (Academy of Dental CPA’s) is a national organization of independent accounting firms that focuses on the dental industry. For more information about the ADCPA, please feel free to contact me at any time.

Here are the Top Five Recommendations the leading Practice Management Consultant, Jennifer McDonald, and the leading Practice Transition Consultant, Dr. David Martin Reznik, advise dentists to do NOW to rebound!
1. Bring In Temp Hygienists    Do you know hygienists who used to work for you?  If not practical to use those, use a staffing agency to hire temporary hygienists to come work for you so you can see all the patients you have to reschedule from last week.2. Have Temp Doctor Checking Hygiene    Do you have associate doctors who work part time for you or fill in for you sometimes?  Bring them in to help check hygiene.3. Ask Part Time Doctor To Expand Their Restorative Hours    Do you have associate doctors who work for you?  Ask them to expand their hours so they can add restorative hours to the practice. 4. Work A Few Fridays    Consider working this Friday and/or next Friday to see the patients you must reschedule.  Their dental visit and oral health was important last week and it is just as important to reschedule it as soon as possible.   5. Expand Daily Hours    Expand daily hours for the entire team this week and next.  (Remember to pay overtime if a team member works more than 40 hours in any one week period).The Willeford Group 770-552-8500Member ADCPA



Sunday January 23, 2011……………………………………………………

It’s Sunday January 23rd & it’s cold. All I can say is 25 days until “The Boys of Summer” are back & J-E-T-S JETS-JETS-JETS!!!!!!! Please enjoy your family and the day.


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