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Cliff’s Notes for April 10, 2011

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“To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.”

Douglas Adams


In This Week’s Issue

  • Business Relationships and the Added Values!
  • Employee Rights Up-Date
  • Product Review – GrandTEC Resin-Impregnated Glass-Fiber Strands!


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Business Relationships and the Added Values!…………………….

This past week there was a great discussion on the Grassroots Study Club website. It started with a question about banks and got into value added services.

A number of years ago I graduated from using an accountant to a financial advisor. The relationship started when we were exploring options for a new banking relationship. The advisor that we hired to help us evaluate the different proposals started off the saying “gentlemen, focus your business and you’ll be a little power house.”

There are some things that seem to always hold true like the 80/20 rule and the power of a focal point. An example would be a magnifying glass concentrating sunlight to start a fire. Focusing on quality business relationships will produce value added services. If it doesn’t, it’s not a quality relationship.

In business relations, added value should be measurable. Most companies you deal with are willing to provide physical services at no cost that will directly affect your bottom line. Now, here comes the 80/20 rule, only 20% of dental practices (small business owners) understand that.

Here is an example of a situation I had with my business and how the value added affected my bottom line. We used to sell a lot of Crosstex products, towels, cups, masks, pouches, and the entire line. The products were top quality and the company’s personality was 1st class. We focused our business with them and they delivered to us monthly at no cost as well as providing excellent pricing.

We were approached by Medicom, another quality manufacturer, and their offer was the same as Crosstex except for nickels and dimes less on the products. Nickels and dimes were not going to affect our relationship with Crosstex, but the $1.00/case on the patient towels got our attention.

We sold between 1200 & 1500 cases of patient towels per month. A dollar a case on a high volume, low profit item was significant. Because of our relationship with Crosstex, we contacted them about the competitive proposal. Crosstex then validated our quality business relationship.

They couldn’t reduce the pricing; however, they did make another offer. They offered to deliver to us, at no cost, at the start of every week instead of once a month. When normally having 1500 cases of patient towels in stock, I would only need 500. Think about the size of a case of towels and imagine how much floor space is required for a 1500 case inventory. Floor space is real and measurable and its value was a lot more than $1500.00.

Crosstex’s (just in time inventory) solution allowed my company to expand our inventory in other areas and be more profitable. Value added services that are measurable can reduce overall costs by increasing your organizations ability to produce more. I guess it all comes down to how you utilize those services.

Employee Rights Up-Date………………………………………………………..

One of the toughest parts of running a business is employee management. I was there and I know what it is like and it would take a whole lot of zeros to make me even consider going back. Everyday there are employee issues you need to deal with. In some instances it is business related but in others it is personal situations. You need to be very careful when dealing with any of these because you are a “good” person and what you think is fair & just, may not be according to the law.

I have seen it too many times. Your office has multiple regulatory violations. Every office does. No matter how hard you try, there will always be something you missed. This opens the door for employee challenges. It’s more ammunition that a plaintiff’s attorney has. Employee management can be a great tool to improve a work environment and production; however, it needs to be part of your business defensive strategy.

The following was supplied by Matthew R. Grabell, Esq. Matt is the CEO of Employee Relations Solutions (

A Thomson Reuters Corp. reporter sent a tweet stating “One way to make this the best place to work is to deal honestly with Guild members.” Reuters verbally disciplined her for the public tweet.

Now, the NLRB is alleging that Reuters implemented a social media policy that chilled employees’ rights to discuss working conditions and applied the policy improperly to this employee.

As a former Plaintiff’s attorney, Matt shares his unique expertise & experiences, in training sessions on new developments in the law, such as this example, that will reduce the number of areas that claims can be filed against your practice. It’s like having a very inexpensive insurance policy to cover costs associates with those claims!

Whatever policy you implement, the most important element is to TRAIN your employees on what it means in simple language.

Product Review: GrandTEC Resin-Impregnated Glass-Fiber Strands………..

Even bonds and composites from the latest generation lack the adhesive strength for certain indications. This holds true, for example, when splinting teeth for temporary, primary interlocking after orthodontic or periodontic therapy. Additionally, a stable, reliable material is required as a foundation for treatment with composites in trauma therapy and space treatment. GrandTEC® by VOCO is the new, resin-impregnated glass fibre strand that is optimally suited for use in the dental adhesive technique. GrandTEC® also facilitates minimally invasive reinforcement of metal-free treatments.

Bond and stability

GrandTEC® is a glass fibre strand that consists of multiple, densely packed, parallel running glass fibres impregnated with a special light-curing resin. GrandTEC® can be shaped before polymerisation, cured with conventional polymerisation devices and is compatible with all standard, light-curing composites and flowables. The glass fibres coalesce with the composite used during polymerisation, wherein a flowable is used for the first layer on the glass fibre and its attachment to the tooth substance. Because GrandTEC® is already impregnated with a resin, cumbersome, time-consuming and often uneven wetting of the fibre strands with a bond by the dentist is completely avoided. Occurring chewing loads are evenly distributed in the restoration by the intensive chemical coalescence of glass fibres and composite. This provides significant improvement in the transverse strength and leads to considerably higher fracture resistance of the restoration. The modern adhesive technique and GrandTEC® thus ideally complement each other to yield an innovative concept for stable treatments.

Broad range of application

GrandTEC® was developed for use in orthodontics, periodontics, traumatology, conservative dentistry and prosthodontics. GrandTEC® ensures stabilty when splinting teeth after orthodontic or periodontic therapy. It can additionally be used for fixing avulsed or loosened tooth as well as for fragment fixation after tooth fracture. GrandTEC® also serves as reinforcement in the fabriccation of provisional, composite-based crowns and bridges. GrandTEC® is suitable for temporary treatment of a space after extraction and the replacement of a missing tooth with an artificial tooth in the anterior and pre-molar areas.  The glass strands can also be used for the temporary or semi-permanent treatment of a tooth space using an extracted, natural tooth. And in prosthodontics, GrandTEC® provides temporary treatment of a space during the osseointegration after inserting an implant.  Restorations achieve the required stability with ease and for the indication at hand with GrandTEC®, the new glass fibre strips.


Sunday April 10, 2011………………………………………………………

Today is Sunday, April 10, 2011. Eight days left to feed the tax man. If you have to pay, we need to talk.

Be safe and enjoy the day!

Cliff Marsh

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