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Women in Dentistry! & Re-care is an Ugly Job!

Cliff’s Notes for April 24, 2011

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Never give up, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn.”

Harriet Beecher Stowe


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  • Women in Dentistry, The Balance has Shifted!
  • Patient Re-Care, It’s an Ugly Job!



Women in Dentistry, The Balance has Shifted!…………………………………

Women are the future of dentistry. This year, the dental school graduation rate of male & female dentists was 50/50. At the University of Medicine and Dentistry of NJ, there are more women enrolled than men. When my son finished his Masters program in Psychology, 80% of the graduating class were women. So, what does this mean for existing dental practices traditionally owned by men?

When you are ready for an associate and/or a transition plan, the chances are that you will be dealing with a woman dentist. I currently have 27 women clients and the docs that have been in practice more than 10 years tell me that when they were in dental school, there were very few women in the class. They were looked down on by a male dominated profession and had to make a choice of being a “girl friend” or a “b_t_h”. Today, it’s a different world.

Dental ergonomics is also an issue, being as dental equipment has traditionally been designed for men. The handpieces were heavy, the chair & stools didn’t go low enough and the back of the patient chair was too wide. Let’s face it, political correctness aside, ergonomics for men & women are different. When looking at new dental equipment, keep in mind who the new associate or potential buyer may be. Make sure that the ergonomics of the room can adjust to different styles and shapes. Pelton & Crane, noticing the profession trend, was the first dental equipment manufacturer to address female ergonomics in the dental office setting. Now, most dental equipment is designed to accommodate women.

Women dentist still face a multitude of challenges. For the last several years I have been attempting to establish the NJ chapter of the American Association of Women Dentists. Unfortunately, the same reasons the national organization exist, also prevent an organized effort for the local chapter. Women healthcare professionals are becoming the new normal and their contribution to clinical dentistry will be enormous over the next decade.

American Association of Women Dentists

AAWD provides support and education to women in the dental industry and we are
constantly striving toward our mission of “Enriching and nurturing.

AAWD American Association of Women Dentists | Facebook

Welcome to a Facebook Page about AAWD American Association of Women Dentists.
Join Facebook to start connecting with AAWD American Association of Women


Women in the Workforce

Cronkite News reporter Heather Turner tells us about a recent study showing the number of working women is on the rise.

Re-Care, It’s an Ugly Job…………………….

No one answers the phone anymore, especially when it’s a land line. Every office I walk into has the same issues, they can’t get patient re-appointed and confirmed. Future appointments are booked before the patient leaves the office but will that appointment be kept and if not, will it be re-scheduled?

As I said in past issues of this news letter, the Schein DPAT (Dental Practice Analysis Tool) identifies problems within the practice management system and every DPAT that I run forefronts the same issues, re-care. If you have 1,000 active patients that translates to 2,000 hygiene appointments if everyone is re-appointed. One of my larger offices (70% insurance based) has 3,200 active patients with 2,400 insurance based. Insurance patients get hygiene for free! If the office can provide 2,400 patients with free hygiene, that’s 4,200 hygiene appointment. The office has 2 full time hygienists and technically, they don’t offer enough hygiene hours to service their patient base.

Re-care issues are nothing new to dentistry. Let’s face it; dentistry is not high on the public’s priority list, so how do we address the problem. You start by addressing communication techniques that the public responds to like e-mail and text messaging. Today, people will respond to text messages before they return phone calls. Automated text and e-mail systems will reduce your staff’s phone time by 30-40% and on-line web page interaction will allow patient to respond at their own convenience.

In today’s technological world, the most information you can get is a patient cell phone number and e-mail address. Unfortunately, some people protect that information like they protect their social security number. However, there are some very professional ways to respond to a patient’s apprehension. Call me any time and we can discuss the issues.

The following is an example of what automation can do. However, please call me before you embrace this new technology. You need a plan!


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