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“It’s TaxTime & Your A Dentist” & “Is the Staff On-Board?”

Cliff’s Notes for September 11, 2011


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One of the reasons we do what we do, is so that we can to do what we want to do, when we want to do it! It’s a tongue twister, but working as a team and making informed decisions, will get us there.


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“The Oral DNA Training Video”


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  • New – its Tax Time & You’re A Dentist!
  • Technology, Your Staff Needs to be On-Board!
  • Manufacturer Review –
  • Product Review –.
  • Commentary for Sunday, September 11, 2011.

Its Tax Time & You’re a Dentist?…………………………………………

We are 3 weeks away from the end of Q3 (the 3rd quarter). You should be planning to send your Quick Books data to your accountant for review. You should also be scheduling to meet with him/her around the middle of October for a quarterly review and discussion about a yearend tax plan. 

I can’t tell you how many calls I get every December saying “my accountant said I have to spend some money”. Well, your accountant should have been able to predict your tax liability and you should have had at least 60 days to decide what to invest in. Look at it this way, you have to write a check, but at least you can have some control over whose name is on it.

The best time to do tax planning is when the taxes aren’t due! Also, make sure to explore all the possible deductions and expenses that a dental practice can use. If you are not familiar with the “uniqueness” of dental healthcare, please call me.

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Year-End Tax Planning Tips

Make sure you do the right things before year end to have a happy April, 2012.

Technology, Your Staff Needs to be on-board!………………………………..

As a dental healthcare provider, you are part of an industry that is expanding its range and exploding with clinical and diagnostic technology. You need to jump on-board or you will be too far behind and it will cost too much to catch up. Not only will your profits begin to shrink, but your biggest asset, your practice, will lose value. 

Most dental professional spend time debating and avoiding the cost of technology but won’t hesitate leasing a top line BMW. Well, think about this, a digital pan costs less than a BMW. A digital pan, when used correctly, in a normal 1,000 patient practice with normal new patient flow, should generate a minimum of $2,000.00/month in new revenue. Can your BMW do that?

Here’s where most dental practices make a mistake. They run to a trade show and look for the least expensive with the most bells and whistles. They spend $20k+ and are all excited when the new technology is installed. Then they hit the learning curve and the up-hill climb is more than expected. Now, your technology will be used at its minimum level. You didn’t have a plan.

One of my clients is currently looking to up-grade their pan to digital. It’s the next to last piece of their paperless puzzle. Here is the problem or the decision the docs need to make. Part of their thought process is to start using a Ceph System for some ortho but some interior construction would need to be done. Also, do they want to get the Ceph today or later? Another issue is, do they want to have the ability to expand to 3D cone beam. Or, maybe they want to avoid construction and disrupting the office and spend the construction money on a full field of view cone beam that will do more than they need.

Also, there is the cost of the learning curve. This is where you need to get the staff on-board. Your staff’s acceptance to your new procedures and protocols will determine the success of your project. One of the things you need, before the purchase or implementation of new technology is a plan. Implementation & integration is part of what I do. I have seen the successes and I have seen the failures. This one is all about staff motivation.

Manufacturer Review – VOCO “The Dentalist”…………………………………

For over 30 years, VOCO has been a recognized leading manufacturer of dental products. VOCO’s clinically customized and economical products are used by dentists and technicians in more than 110 countries around the world. VOCO’s quality products are developed and manufactured with state-of-the-art custom equipment in Cuxhaven, Germany. At VOCO, quality control is a tradition. VOCO standards exceed those of the German Pharmaceutical laws, Medical Product laws and governing international standards. Furthermore, VOCO’s quality control system has been certified according to ISO 9001/EN 46001 since 1994.

“Creative in research” is VOCO’s motto. In the dental product industry, VOCO’s research has yielded successful innovations in the following areas: amalgam replacing restorative materials, prophylaxis products, filling and lining materials, impression and prosthodontic materials and time-saving techniques. Moreover, VOCO led a research task force co-sponsored by the federal government called “New Biocompatible Dental Materials.” Examples of VOCO’s successful research are: Grandio, a nano hybrid composite; Ionofil Molar, which utilizes special glass ionomer technology; and Ufi Gel hard C, a direct hard denture relining material based on composite technology.

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Sutter’s Mill

Product Review – Cavitron DiamondCoat Insert………………………….

The DIAMONDCOAT is intended for the removal of tenacious calculus, soft tissue debridement and the removal of amalgam overhangs. It being the only magnetostrictive diamond coated ultrasonic insert, DIAMONDCOAT™ provides clinicians with superior adaptability and access in the surgical treatment of periodontal disease.
The DIAMONDCOAT insert is shaped like and has the same water delivery system as the TFI®-10 insert*. With its clinically proven shape, this unique insert will provide adaptability and access for surgical applications.
Studies show that the diamond coating on the clinically effective tip area provides superior calculus removal and enhances scaling and root planing in the treatment of periodontal disease when compared to hand instruments or traditional ultrasonic inserts. 

*The DIAMONDCOAT insert fits all 30 kHz Cavitron® ultrasonic scalers for easy integration into practice!


Sunday September 11, 2011………………………………………………..

Ten years ago today we all remember where we were and what we were doing. We shared an event that touched the lives of every American. There wasn’t one person in the NY/NJ/CN tri-state area that didn’t have a family member or friend that was there. On that day there were no Democrats or Republicans, there were just Americans. Isn’t it a shame that it takes such tragedies to bring us together? Please take a moment to remember; all the flags, all the songs, the silence with no planes in the sky, the fear, and the sadness. Above all, please remember those we lost, those they left behind and those who stand on the wall at night and keep our freedom safe.

You got to love this video, it says it all. I hope you enjoy.

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Ray Charles – America The Beautiful

Live in Concert with the Edmonton Symphony – 1981

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