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“Do You Resemble Your Patients?” & “Technology, Where do you Start”

Cliff’s Notes for September 11, 2011



One of the reasons we do what we do, is so that we can to do what we want to do, when we want to do it. It’s a tongue twister, but working as a team and making informed decisions, will get us there.


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“A man is but the product of his thoughts, what he thinks, he becomes”

Mohandas Gandhi


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In This Week’s Issue

  • Do You Resemble Your Patients?
  • Technology, Where Do You Start?
  • Manufacturer Review – Pulpdent Corporation!
  • Product Review – Everyone Needs A Steiglitz!
  • Commentary for Sunday, September 11, 2011.

Do You Resemble Your Patient Base …………………………………….

It’s kind of a basic rule that 80% of the time your patient base will be similar in age to you. They will think like you think and act like you act. They will hesitate on agreeing to a treatment plan just like you will hesitate buying a Velscope. However, if you openly accept opinions and ideas and act on logical concepts, your patients will respond. That may sound a little “nuts” but people respond to positive and humble success.  

In the 1950’s, traveling salesmen were very common. The concept of sales was to portray a struggling family man and use sympathy as a sales tool. One smart manager decided to put his sales force in Cadillac’s and their sales tripled! People like dealing with success.

W hen was the last time you walked in your front door and looked at your reception area in the same way a patient would? It needs to be decorated in a modern fashion and up-dated every 5 years. Are your magazines more than 3 months old? Does your equipment look old and warn? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then you look like your patients.

If you want to develop and maintain a quality patient base, then you need to present that image. All the practice management in the world won’t change anything if you don’t embrace rule #1 in marketing 101 “packaging is 95% of the sale.

One of my responsibilities to assist my clients in generating new revenue and discretionary income. Another responsibility is to tell them what they don’t want to hear. Please feel free to contact me at any time to discus an organized and cost effective marketing program.

Technology, Where do you Start! ………………………………………………

Every day you get hit with articles, lectures and advertisements on new dental technologies. From handpiece systems to 3D Cone Beam, the choices are endless but your finances are not. You need to invest in many of the new technologies and you already may have, but a priority list must be developed. If I were setting up a new dental practice, this would be my personal top 10 list, after all the basic clinical & business office equipment, supplies and staff. 

1. Practice Management Software to handle all clinical data, scheduling and receivables. It also needs to have the ability to take you paperless. Quick Books program to handle all payables and money transfers. Quick Books should be discussed with your financial advisor.

2. Digital Radiography. The cost of the purchase is out-weighed by the savings on the film, solutions, accessories and disposal. The savings is realized after the system is paid for and x-ray expense drops to pennies per patient. Also, with digital radiography, you will be taking more pictures and finding more restorative issues.

3.  Intra-oral camera with a built-in carries detection system. To a patient, a picture is worth a thousand words.

4. Website and social network marketing program along with a coordinated advertising campaign. Your goal is to have 1200 active patients.

5. Digital Panoramic Unit. Hands down, outside of the dentist, a panoramic unit is the largest day by day revenue generating item in a dental office. To quote Forest Gump “that’s all I have to say about that”.

6. Electric High Seed that can be used as an endodontic rotary or reciprocal System as well as high & low speeds.

7. Velscope System with digital camera and adapter. You can raise your exam price or charge extra for the 2 minute scan, but either way, Velscope saves lives.

8.  Soft tissue laser. Perform the same procedures in ½ the time, but you already know that.

9. Patient education system. Guru or some other program that will interface with your practice management software and website.

10.Digital Impression or Cadcam System. The ultimate future of dentistry.

1:45 Add to

How to make an inter-oral scan with Lava™ COS

See a dentist working with the Lava™ Chairside Oral Scanner COS – a digital impression system.

Manufacturer Review – Pulpdent Corporation …………………………..

One of my favorite dental manufacturers is Pulpdent Corp. I always called them a sleeper company because they don’t have the advertising dollars like 3M, Kerr or Dentsply. However, I have never found one Pulpdent product that wasn’t first class. Their Embrace Wetbond porcelain repair kit is outstanding. Check their website:

Pulpdent Corporation is a family owned business that has served the dental profession worldwide with exceptional products since 1947. Pulpdent’s manufacturing facilities in Watertown, Massachusetts, include a sophisticated chemical production laboratory and automated machine shop. To facilitate processing raw materials into finished goods, Pulpdent has developed complex systems and controls to ensure quality and customer satisfaction.

Innovation, value and quality have always been the hallmark of Pulpdent.    From its early contributions to vital pulp therapy and root canal therapy to its recent developments in hydrophilic, self-adhesive restorative resins that take advantage of the moisture that is ever-present in the mouth, Pulpdent has forged new directions in dental materials and oral healthcare.

As a highly specialized research, development and Manufacturing Company dedicated to providing quality products and services to its customers, Pulpdent celebrates its 62nd year with a renewed commitment to excellence. We welcome you to join the tens of thousands of dentists who use Pulpdent products with pride and confidence.


Product Review – Everyone Needs A Steiglitz ………………………….

The Steiglitz Forceps is one of those instruments that you may never use. But, when you need it, it is priceless!

Strong beaks and ratchet lock mechanism firmly hold and remove pins, posts, root tips and broken endodontic instruments. When placing gutta percha, simply squeeze the handle to release the lock without dislodging the points.

Generic Brand #101-4772 – $32.99 / Hu-Friedy $156.99
45 degree Steiglitz Post and Point Removal Forceps
Generic Brand #101-5107 – $32.99 / Hu-Friedy $156.99
90 degree Steiglitz Post and Point Removal Forceps

Sunday September 19, 2011………………………………………………..

September is traditionally a slow month for dentistry. This year has been a little slower than usual, so “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”. Priority #1 is new patients. Maybe it’s time to start planning your end of year marking programs. And I know you already sent out your insurance letters to all those open treatment plans.

As always, I am available at any time. Enjoy the rest of the day,


Cliff Marsh

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