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“The Changing Face of Dentistry” & “A Product Review – HyFlex CM Rotary Files”

Cliff’s Notes for November 20, 2011

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One of the reasons we do what we do, is so that we can to do what we want to do, when we want to do it! It’s a tongue twister, but working as a team and making informed decisions, will get us there.


“Quitting Smoking is the Easiest Thing in the World; I’ve done it a Thousand Times!”

Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain)


This Week’s Feature on the Cliff’s Notes Channel

 “The Componeer Veneer”


In This Week’s Issue

  • The Changing Face of Dentistry Needs to be Yours!
  • Don’t Get Caught Up in Technology & Forget the Basics!
  • Cliff’s Virtual New York Dental Meeting 2011 – Part 1 – Attachment!
  •  The 2011 New York Dental Meeting Specials! – Attachment!
  • Product Review –HyFlex CM (Controlled Memory) Rotary Files!
  • Commentary for Sunday, November 20, 2011


The Changing Face of Dentistry Needs to be Yours!……………………….

Dentistry is changing and the ADA has been working hard on changing how the general public relates to oral healthcare. I always said that change is inevitable and we can’t fight it. We need to embrace it and use what we can.

This past week I met with an advertising group and the subject of the social network was discussed. Their take on it was that Face Book is great for internal marketing, however, if the object is new patients, you may want to focus financial and staff resources in other areas. You need to first define yourself and then tell the story.

Defining yourself is being a jack of all trade and the Master of at least one. In the next few weeks the dental industry is introducing the “Total Health Solution”. What is the “Total health Solution”? It’s Diagnostics – It’s Sleep Medicine – It’s Facial Design – It’s Medical Cross Coding – It’s the New Face of Dentistry!

A dentist is a physician, just as a cardiologist specializes in a specific field, so does a dentist. Unfortunately, most cardiologists and medical docs don’t except the fact that a dentist could spot “indicators” through their routine exams long before the patient has any noticeable symptoms. Dentistry is the forefront of preventive medicine and it’s time you and your staff take a look at how you can focus on systemic health, total wellness and the patient experience.

Impress your patients with the wellness concept. Invest 5 minutes discussing their overall health. Get the patients written permission to forward diagnostic test results to their medical provider for records keeping or consultation. The ROI on changing your face is the success of your practice as we move through this decade.

For many dental professionals, the idea of backing down in the next 10 years is very tempting. What’s going to be the value of your practice if today’s graduating dentist has a different concept on what dentistry is. So, find that 1 thing and focus on making it work. Focus everyday and stay on-top of it, it will take time (9 months min.) and when its working for you, find another thing!

Change is not easy but as the saying goes “if it were easy, everyone would do it”. Now is the time to find that 1 thing that can define your specialty and start.

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A League Of Their Own- “Of course it’s hard. If it were easy everyone would do it. It’s the hard that makes it great”  

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at any time.


Don’t Get Caught Up in The Technology & Forget the Basics!…………

Digital – Lasers – Cone Beam – Cameras – Communications – Websites – should I keep going? Technology has become overwhelming and it is developing faster than the average human brain can or ever will. That’s a scry thought because we have started allowing technology to take control over our decisions. As an example, when investing in dental technology you have a natural desire to use it as much as possible. Well, just maybe that tooth could have been saved and the expense and trauma of a dental implant could have been avoided. Over the last 20 years cesarean section births rose dramatically, why? Was the procedure influenced by other factors?

As a dentist, you diagnose and plan necessary treatment. Use the technology and diagnose but please don’t forget, you are the human element. As a healthcare professional there is a tendency to take events in a patient’s life as routine. Believe it or not, a root canal or a crown is an event.

Today’s dentistry is teaching us that there is no reason for a “watch” note in a patient chart. Well, Mrs. Jones appears to have a very small fracture in an older class 2 restoration. The treatment plan calls for a crown and you just purchased an E4D System. The charge to Mrs. Jones, after insurance, is going to be $450.00. However, during the exam, you learned that Mr. Jones just lost his job and insurance. This is when you become the human element.

An emphasis on compassion and trust will change your practice. Team harmony among staff members creates a comfortable and non-stressful environment for patients and staff.  Mrs. Jones will get that crown done, maybe in 3 months, but she will get it done and you have a patient for life. You didn’t embarrass the patient, you helped.

Henry Schein Sponsored Workshops @ The New York Dental Show………

Cliff’ Virtual NY Dental Meeting 2011…………….. – Attached….

2011 New York Dental Meeting Specials…………. – Attached….

Sunday, November 27:

Workshops (Aisle 1200)

9:45 – 12:45 The Dentrix Insight Workshop

2:00 – 5:00 Same Day Dentistry – Same Day Success – Go Digital

Monday, November 28:

Workshops (Aisle 1200)

9:45 – 12:45 Same Day Dentistry – Same Day Success – Go Digital

2:00 – 5:00 Henry Schein Equipment Repair Workshop

Tuesday, November 29:

Workshops (Aisle 1200)

9:45 – 12:45 The Dentrix Insight Workshop

2:00 – 5:00 Henry Schein Equipment Repair Workshop

Wednesday, November 30:

Workshops (Aisle 1200)

9:45 – 12:45 Henry Schein Equipment Repair Workshop

2:00 – 5:00 Same Day Dentistry – Same Day Success – Go Digital


Sunday, November 27th and Wednesday, November 30th

11:30 am – 2:45 pm

Mike PiazzaNY Mets & Ivan NovaNY Yankees

Planning for the end of the business year can be challenging. The Greater NY Dental Meeting can be overwhelming so you need a plan on what you are looking to accomplish.

Attached is Cliff’s Notes Virtual NY Dental Meeting 2011 & The NY Convention Specials. There are many products that I endorse, however, it is impossible to review everything. The products and services I review are proven and reliable and receive high praise for my client base.

Also, all products are produced by quality manufacturers and their individual product lines are worth reviewing.


If you wish to discuss any particular item or need information on something not listed, please contact me.


Price will never be an issue. Cliff’s Notes pricing will compete and in most cases be lower than any authorized distributer.

If you are not a Cliff’s Notes direct subscriber (blog readers) please send your e-mail address to and I will forward the review to you as quickly as I can.

Product Review – HyFlex CM Rotary Files………………………………

Rotary Endodontics has become a standard in most dental offices. File separation is the most common problem transcending all brands. Well, here is the newest innovation to address the problem and provide a more anatomical re-shaping of the canal.

Coltene Whaledent has introduced the Controlled Memory File and free samples are available.

300% more resistance to separation – HyFlex® CM™ NiTi files with Controlled Memory are up to 300% more resistant to cyclical fatigue compared to other NiTi files* which substantially helps reducing the incidence of file separation. 

No rebound + Extreme flexibility = Superior canal tracking – HyFlex® CM™ NiTi files have been manufactured utilizing a unique process that controls the material’s memory, making the files extremely flexible but without the shape memory of other NiTi files. This gives the file the ability to follow the anatomy of the canal very closely, reducing the risk of ledging, transportation or perforation.

Regains shape after sterilization = Multi-use – The shape and strength of files with straightened spirals can be restored during autoclaving and reused. Files not returning to original shape should be discarded. 

Use your technique or use ours – HyFlex® CM™ files can be used with crown-down, step-back or our recommended single length technique.

For a free sample of the HyFlex File, log onto


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HYFLEX CM Key Features


Sunday, November 20, 2011 ………………………..………………………

Enjoy Thanksgiving, enjoy your family, enjoy the day and please be safe. I will see you at the NY Dental Show, it opens next Sunday!


Cliff Marsh

Henry Schein Dental

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Pine Brook, NJ 07058

Cell: 201-321-7494

Fax: 201-262-2210




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