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“Cancelations Will Kill You!” / “Product Review – Palodent Plus”

Cliff’s Notes for December 4, 2011


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One of the reasons we do what we do, is so that we can to do what we want to do, when we want to do it!It’s a tongue twister, but working as a team and making informed decisions, will get us there. 



“Dogs Bark, Cows Moo & Politicians Spend Money”

Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain)


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  • Dentist Threatens to Sue Patient!
  • Cancelations Will Kill You!
  • Product Review – Palodent® Plus Sectional Matrix!
  • Commentary for Sunday, December 4, 2011




Dentist Threatens to Sue Patient!…………………………………………………….

The following article was sent to me by an old friend. Marc Daichman is one of the owners of Asteto Dent Lab in Milburn, NJ. Marc is a wealth of dental information. He can be contacted @ 973-763-1000. 

Dentist Threatens to Sue Patient for Negative Yelp Review

By Mikaela Conley | ABC News – Thu, Dec 1, 2011 8:17 AM EST

Robert Lee went into Dr. Stacy Makhnevich’s New York dentist office for a sore tooth, but the year that followed turned into what one Public Citizen senior lawyer called an “unconscionable practice.”

The controversy began in 2010, when Lee went into Makhnevich’s office for a scheduled dentist’s appointment. Bleary from pain, Lee claimed he was told he had to sign several papers, including a “Mutual Agreement to Maintain Privacy,” before being treated. The form required Lee to agree not to publish any commentary or write anything disparaging about his experience with Makhnevich. While Lee said he was hesitant to sign such a form, he claimed he was in severe pain and, therefore, gave in to the requirements.

Lee received a bill for $4,766 for the dental work, according to Public Citizen, a nonprofit consumer advocacy organization. Lee reportedly asked the dentist to send the necessary paperwork to his insurance company, but she sent it to the wrong company. When he asked for the forms to submit them himself, Makhnevich’s office apparently refused to hand them over and referred him to a third party that required five percent of the total bill for its services. Fed up, Lee wrote negative reviews about Makhnevich and her practice on Yelp and DoctorBase.

Lee then received a letter from the dentist demanding that he delete the post, warning him that he violated the agreement and threatening to sue for breach of contract. Makhnevich also reached out to both websites, asking for Lee’s comments to be removed, according to Public Citizen.

The sites refused to take down the negative reviews, but Makhneich reportedly claimed that a copyright clause gave her ownership of the harsh words. She then sent Lee an invoice for $100 for each day the criticism remained online. Makhnevich did not immediately return requests for comment. “We are now seeking a declaratory judgment from the judge to show that my client was not doing anything wrong,” said Paul Levy, Lee’s lawyer, a senior attorney at Public Citizen. “Doctors and dentists are expected to behave in an ethical manner, and to impose this sort of requirement on people who are having emergencies is unethical.” The suit argues that the forms that Lee signed should be deemed null and void. “Facing criticism comes with the turf of these jobs,” Levy said. “If they defame you, then that’s something else. A doctor can sue for that.”

A North Carolina company known as Medical Justice sells the agreement forms to health care providers. The company claims about 3,000 doctors and dentists use the forms, according to Public Citizen.

In response to the lawsuit Public Citizen filed Tuesday night, Medical Justice Spokespeople announced the company would stop recommending medical professionals have patients sign such forms, Public Citizen announced. “This is a form of bullying, and it’s absurd that this could possibly be an enforceable contract,” said Arthur Caplan, chairman of the department of medical ethics at University of Pennsylvania Medical Center.  ”It infringes upon free speech and you can’t just have that waived away on a silence contract.”

While Caplan acknowledged that doctors or dentists can indeed get “bum raps” from bad write-ups online, “someone who is put off by one negative review isn’t a patient you’d want anyway. If there’s a pattern of bad reviews, that’s a different story.” “This doctor is overreacting and attempting to muzzle patients,” added Caplan. “It is not a desirable reaction at all.”


Cancellations will Kill You!…………………………………………………………….

I always recommend that a dental office order a DPAT (Digital Practice Analysis Tool) on an annual basis. Every boat takes on a little water and the DPAT indentifies possible leaks in your boat. However, the one thing that always sticks out is Re-Care. We call it re-care because cars are re-called, people are re-cared. Now that sounds corny, but it is the thought process that will begin the culture change in your dental world. Dentistry is not high on your patient’s priority list. A culture change (it takes time) in your practice will move your services onto the radar screen. 

Think about what makes you important to your patient? How about a conversation about systemic health and wellness to start your new format. Don’t start by “telling” the patient about wellness, start by asking and listening. Train your staff to listen and make “observational” notes in the patient’s chart when having conversations.

Morning huddles are a key in preventing cancellations and filling holes in the schedule. You need to identify the reason the today’s patient needs to re-appoint. It may just be to maintain their excellent oral hygiene but you need to give them a reason to prioritize their visit and communicate that reason with them.

Cancellations are inevitable, things happen. That’s when you fall back on your ASAP list. However, if you change the culture of your dental office to a healthcare facility, you will raise the value of your services.

Product Review Palodent® Plus Sectional Matrix ……………………

The Palodent® Plus sectional matrix system is comprised of six precisely designed components: rings, matrices, wedges, wedgeguards, forceps, and pin tweezers. These have been designed and refined for optimal performance individually and as a system. As a result, Palodent® Plus is among the simplest and most accurate matrix systems on the market. 

Consistently accurate, tight contacts. The Palodent® Plus rings are made with nickel-titanium to create a consistent force to separate teeth and then return to their original shape after use, helping to deliver a tight gingival seal and anatomically shaped restoration.

Wide applications for sectional matrix system use. The Palodent® Plus ring tine design helps the system remain stable on significantly damaged teeth. The rings are stackable for multiple restorations at once, will prevent the matrix from collapsing into wide cavities, and can be used when a cusp is missing.

Minimized flash and finishing. The Palodent® Plus ring tines maintain a fit on the tooth that complements the wedge and works with the matrix to seal and shape the restoration, minimizing required finishing.

Wedge compatibility and performance. The V-shape of the Palodent® Plus tines accommodates the wedge from both sides. Fine wave-shaped wings compress and flare for easy placement and a true fit and seal that minimizes impingement of soft tissue.

Glass-fiber reinforced plastic tines maintain a fit on the tooth that complements the wedges and minimizes flash. Ring design promotes exceptional stability in the forceps during placement.

  1. Matrix will not collapse into wide cavities, even when a cusp is missing.
  2. Super-thin tabbed matrix has a pronounced marginal ridge and significantly greater horizontal curvature for accurate anatomy.
  3. V-shaped tines allow you to wedge from both sides before or after ring placement.
  4. Nickel-Titanium ring composition for spring strength and memory retention.

Take the stress out of Class II restorations. It’s a fast, easy procedure that yields a tight marginal seal, accurate contact, and confidence in your restoration!


Sunday, December 4, 2011 ………………………..………………………

Enjoy today, we are going to have a little more early fall weather. By now you have spoken to your tax and financial advisors, your 2012 plan is in place and it’s time to cap off the year. ADPAT report should be planned for the moment you close out 2011. Call me for more information.

Enjoy the day,


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