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“Reality Check! You don’t Have Expenses” & “Product Review – Helios 3000”

Cliff’s Notes for January 22, 2012


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The reason we do what we do, is so that we can to do what we want to do, when we want to do it!

It’s a tongue twister, but working as a team and making informed decisions, will get us there.



“We didn’t have any central organization. I came to work and it felt like a zoo with all the cages open”

Les Wexner

(Founder of Limited Brands)



This Week’s Feature on the Cliff’s Notes Channel

Designing & Building the 21st Century Dental Practice!


In This Week’s Issue

  • It’s Time for a Reality Check – “You Don’t Have Expenses!”
  • Product Review – Helios 3000 LED Overhead Light!
  • DentaCheques & The Dental Lifeline!
  • The Implementation of a Sleep Medicine Program!
  • Commentary for Sunday January 22, 2012

Reality Check! There Are No Expenses!…………………………….

We all want the toys. The reason you own a business is to capitalize on a specific talent that you have. Now don’t get me wrong, a quality dental practice starts with a high standard of care, but at the end of the day it’s all about the houses, cars & boats. So, let’s talk about some of those nasty “expenses” that take away from your disposable income, because they are not expenses.

When writing checks from your business, you may call them expenses, but in reality they are investments. A pay check written to an employee is an investment in that person just like a check written to a lending institution for an equipment lease. Your utility bills, legal fees, supply costs, computers, etc. need to be looked at as investment. Question, what is the return on each of those investments?

Your investment in staff is the number one investment you can make. The New York Yankees are a great example, invest in quality, and put quality on the field every day. The NY Yankees are the most successful and valuable sports franchises in the world.

Staff (employee management) can be a very difficult investment to manage. Most small business owner are reluctant to change (terminate) staff because of the difficulty in replacing them with better quality. The answer to that is to train your staff to your protocol from day one and if they can’t fit the system in 90 days, start looking at the ROI and consider replacing or working around any particular inefficiency.

When bringing on a new employee they need to be presented with, and acknowledge the receipt of, several documents.

  1. An up-to-date employee manual.
  2. An up-to-date written job discretion.
  3. An up-to-date O.H.S.A. written compliance statement.
  4. An up-to-date written office protocol manual.
  5. An up-to-date written patient policy.

The office protocol is the one that directly relates to the return on investment for an employee and that return should be measured in several ways. One of the larger offices I work with has 18 employees and the office runs very efficiently. However, one of the staff members is a “no-it-all” and it creates a little tension at some times. When discussing it with the doc, he felt that the quality of her work, the kindness in her personality and her ability to relate with the patients outweighed the loss of production (tension). He is managing his investment for the best return (ROI).

Why is employee management so important? When you do your taxes this year, take a good look at your P&L statement (profit & loss). The items that affect the largest percentage of the pie should be addressed first. I’ll bet its staff!

There are some constants in business and it is part of my job to keep my clients informed. Managing your staff correctly will help contain costs and increase production. Increased production reduces the footprint of your total overhead on your P&L. The result is more “disposable income” and that’s a good thing. Please contact me at any time with any questions or concerns @ 201-321-7494 or

Product Review – Helios 3000 LED Overhead Light……………..

Consultants’ Comments

  1. “Excellent illumination.”
  2. “Helios 3000 has auto shutoff when you push the light up.”
  3. “Light is heavy and sturdy.”
  4. “The silver on the face of the reflective shield is hard to keep streak free.”


Helios 3000 LED Operating Light is an LED dental light with multiple intensity options and automatic shut-off capabilities. Helios 3000 is available in seven mounting variations: Track, Ceiling, Cabinet, Wall, Post, PMU, and Ellipse Mounted. The light provides advanced positioning capabilities and enhanced ergonomics for precise and efficient illumination of the oral cavity. It features patent-pending LED technology designed to deliver a precisely calibrated 7.6 x 15.2 cm light pattern. The light has long LED life expectancy, virtually no radiant heat, and dual Kelvin settings (5000 and 4200 K) for shade matching. The light has a mode to avoid premature curing of light-activated resin. Helios 3000 was evaluated by 8 consultants in 2200 uses. It received a 97% rating.

Suggested Retail Price depends on mounting variations and ranges between $3,895 for Ellipse System Mounted Light on Curved Post and $4,395 for Track- or Wall-mounted Light.

Equipment Features

Consultants unanimously agreed that Helios 3000 is an attractive, modern-looking light that provides excellent illumination. The auto on/off feature is conveniently activated by raising or lowering the light. The rectangular light pattern sufficiently illuminates the oral cavity without getting in the patient’s eyes. The unit contains a fan for cooling the diodes. The fan noise is minimal and received no negative comments from consultants. Several consultants reported that the silver reflector was difficult to clean without streaking.

Seventy-five percent of consultants reported that Helios 3000 was better than other dental lights and would switch to it and recommend it.

1:47 Add to

Pelton & Crane- Helios 3000hd


Year after year, Dental Lifeline Network has worked to provide comprehensive dentistry for society’s most vulnerable individuals; those with disabilities or who are elderly or medically fragile and have no other way to get help. The money raised through the sale of DentaCheques books and other donations generated 23.6 million dollars worth of dental care last year. With a waiting list of 17,000 patients in need, it is imperative that everyone find a way to support the work of Dental Lifeline Network, either by purchasing a book or even volunteering your time and resources.

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DentaCheques Turns Your Donations in to Dental Care for Those in Need 

4:50 Add to

“A Complex Problem”

  • Each year approximately 9,000 dental offices purchase a DentaCheques book, a tax-deductible charitable contribution. DentaCheques enables dentists to save hundreds, and even thousands, of dollars on purchases of equipment and supplies for their dental practices while providing dental services to vulnerable people who are desperately in need of care. This year’s edition offers $120 in invoice discounts from Henry Schein, over $700 in free products and potentially thousands of dollars of savings. Great gifts for your dental peers, there is no limit on the number of books that can be purchased.
  • Each year 15,000 dentists and 3,200 dental laboratories volunteer their time and resources providing dental services on behalf of Dental Lifeline Network. Volunteering is easy with Dental Lifeline Network coordinating all arrangements with the patient in advance. The dentist simply reviews the patient profile prior to appointment, with the ability to decline the case for any reason, and then sees the patient in his/her own office to determine the treatment plan. Dental Lifeline Network will arrange for specialists and donated lab work as needed.
  • Each year hundreds of companies and individuals make donations to Dental Lifeline Network. Although the revenue from the sale of DentaCheques books supplies a major source of funding for the organization, additional donations are still a critical component to the success of Dental Lifeline Network. For every $1 in general operating support, the Dental Lifeline Network provides $9 in charitable treatment and other direct-care program services. This would not be possible without the support of the dental professionals, the dental industry, and dental laboratories who donate.

Add a DentaCheques Book to your next order, you’ll save money and the cost ($149.00) is 100% tax deductable. Oh, remember, you’re helping a neighbor.

Log onto the Dental Lifeline Network.

  The Sleep Complete Program……………………………………“The Implementation of a Sleep Medicine Program”February 10th & 11th (12thfor those who observe) a hands-on session will be held in NYC @ the Marriott Marque. The session offers 14 CE and covers everything an Oral Health professional needs to know. The dental industry has never been presented a program this complete.


Successful Implementation of Dental Sleep Medicine

For Dentists and Their Team!

Course Description:

  • Referrals and Marketing for Dental Sleep Medicine
  • Learn to Communicate with Physicians
  • Medicare – Fact, Fiction and Correct Coding
  • Home Sleep Testing and Snoring
  • Screening for Obstructive Sleep Apnea
  • How does Oral Appliance Therapy help treat OSA
  • The best Appliance Designs
  • Implementation of Office Flow and Integrate Dental Sleep Medicine into your Practice
  • Medical Billing and Medicare: Getting Paid
  • Hands on live history taking and exam for the entire dental team
  • Scheduling, Forms, Letters and Documents


At the end of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Build and maintain a solid dental sleep medicine program
  • Understand how to select an appliance
  • Communicate with MD’s and develop referrals
  • Bill Medical Insurance

Price is for the dentist and up to two staff members at no charge!


Two days: $1999.00 for Dentist and 2 individuals – (14 CE’s)


Registration & Continental Breakfast:  7:30 AM
Start Time :  8:00 AM – End Time :  5:00 PM

Registration & Continental Breakfast:  7:30 AM
Start Time :  8:00 AM
End Time :  4:00 PM


Repeat of Saturday’s Program for those that observe.

Refund and Cancellation Policies:  Cancellations are to be made in writing. All paid registration fee will be refunded at 100% for cancellations received 14 days prior to start of course. An assessment fee of $250.00 will be taken for cancellations received after this time. This course provider reserves the right to cancel a course or to provide a substitute instructor if conditions warrant. All registration fees will be returned if the course is cancelled.


For more information & free webinar access log on to



Sunday January 22, 2012……………………………….

 Log On Now!

Take a look at this website and the Dental/Medical Cross Coding features. It’s your future!

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