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“Decisions, Who Really Runs Your Practice?” & “A Product Review – Beautifil Flow Plus”

Cliff’s Notes for June 24, 2012

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The reason we do what we do, is so that we can to do what we want to do, when we want to do it!

It’s a tongue twister, but working as a team and making informed decisions, will get us there.




“It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by

putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong.

Thomas Sowell





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“Dr. Charles Blair Exposes 3 Little Known Codes”


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In This Week’s Issue

  • Dentrix Office Manager Blog –Dormant & Duplicate Treatment – What to Do?
  • Product Review – Beautifil Flow Plus!
  • The Henry Schein Outlet Store – Special of the Week!
  • “The Root of It” Commentary – Decisions, Who Really Runs Your Practice?



Dormant & Duplicate Treatment – What to Do?……………………………………………

This Week’s Dentrix Office Manager’s Blog by Dayna Johnson

Picture this … you and your team recently went to a Dentrix Insight Seminar in your area so you could learn the new features of G4 and the upcoming G5 updates. During the seminar, your presenter showed you something amazing that you had never used before the Treatment Manager Report. Since your primary responsibilities in your office are following up on the unscheduled treatment, managing the treatment cases, and making sure your doctor’s schedule is full and productive, you are very excited to implement this tool into your daily routine.

It’s Monday morning and the first thing you do is open your Appointment Book and click on the Treatment Manager Report icon just like your Insight Seminar presenter instructed you to do. The box opens up (which will allow you to customize your list) but since you have never worked this list before, you leave everything at “ALL” and it starts generating the list. Suddenly, you realize you have your work cut out for you.

What many Treatment Coordinators find in this untapped resource is old treatment, duplicate treatment planned procedures, or optional treatment that has not been managed. Now you, the “self-motivated Treatment Coordinator,” must figure out what to do with it all. Let’s walk through some scenarios together.

To read the rest of this blog, log onto:



Product Review –Beautifil Flow Plus!……………………………………………………………………

 A base, liner and final restorative all in one!   

Beautifil Flow Plus is the next step in the evolution of restorative materials, combining the convenience of a flowable delivery system with strength and functionality that surpass leading hybrid composites.

Featuring Shofu’s proprietary Surface Pre Reacted Glass (S-PRG) technology, Beautifil Flow Plus provides sustained fluoride release and recharge. As reported by JADA, an 8-year clinical study conducted by the University of Florida showed that restorations containing S-PRG technology had no secondary caries, no postoperative sensitivity, and maintained a high degree of luster at recall.


Beautifil Flow Plus


Physical properties rival leading composites

Precise handling

Superior adaptation

Self-leveling, bubble free consistency

Radiopacity greater than enamel

Fluoride release and rechargeBENEFITS

Approved for all classes!

Stacks without slumping and just stays put

Ensures a tight marginal seal, decreasing voids

Reduces instrumentation/polishing time

Allows clear visibility during follow-ups

Ideal for high caries index patients



The Henry Schein Outlet Store: Special of the Week!………………………………………………….

Outlet Store offers are limited in quantity and only available on a first come-first serve basis. The inventory is very fluid so it pays to check back frequently for new listings.

The inventory is very fluid so it pays to check back frequently for new listings. Log onto:

 Dentsply Cavitron Plus Bronze Package w/Tap-On Feature

Condition: Overstock
Part Number: 167-0152-N / Manufacturer Part Number: 8161420
Catalog Price: $2,859.99 – Outlet Price: $1,999.00

Warranty: 2-Year Cavitron® Plus™ ultrasonic scaler with Steri-Mate® handpiece

2-30K® FSI®-SLI®-10S ultrasonic inserts

1-30K FSI®-1000 ultrasonic insert

1-30K FSI® Slimline® 1000 ultrasonic insert

1-30K THINsert® ultrasonic insert 

 Top of Form

Bottom of Form

Dental Handpieces Dental Small Equipment Dental Equipment
Dental Laboratory Equipment Dental Burs Endodontic Files and

ReamersSterilizersMedical Equipment 

Product Categories

  New Products that are in the manufacturer’s original sealed package
DEMO MODEL: Open-box products that have had no clinical use
RECONDITIONED: Products in excellent condition, restored to the manufacturer’s specification

All products include comprehensive warranties backed by Henry Schein



“The Root of It” Commentary for Sunday June 24, 2012…………………………………

Decisions, Who Really Runs Your Practice?

 Sometimes I am truly perplexed by the way people chose to run their business. The authority that is given to subordinates and senior clinical staff in decision making is taken so lightly and usually because the owner/boss doesn’t know or want to deal with the accountability. In our world the owner is most often a dentist and the reason for revenue losses is because of a “consumer mentality”. Yesterday’s morning news paper was full of sales and discounts and I looked at them to see if there were any good deals that I could take advantage of as a “consumer”. However, I am not going to pick a financial advisor from one of those ads nor am I going to allow my inexperienced sons or daughter pick one for me, that’s a “business” decision. The business of navigating my family through life requires my oversight and direction.

I ran a business with a lot of employees for many years and I do believe that I fully understand the proper delegation of authority and accountability that goes with it, but lack of oversight and planning are the inconsistencies I see every day. I never question a dentist’s clinical decisions because I never sat in that chair, I don’t have a “Dr.” in front of my name, but I do question management based decisions. As an owner, you need to address and educate yourself in the things you don’t understand. Some examples are:

  1. 1.       Does your front desk speak and relate to your patients the same way you do? Did you ever do a survey?
  2. 2.      Does your treatment plan coordinator understand collections and financing in a manner that will enhance your patient relations and not alienate them? Did you ever analyze treatment plan non-acceptance or the failure of your re-care program? They are related!
  3. 3.      Who handle the checkbook and deposit receipts? 20% of the dental offices in the U.S. have experienced embezzlement and the other 80% never looked for it.
  4. 4.      Who handles your purchasing of goods and services in your business? Do they understand cash flow, inventory turns or investment in production? Probably not because of a consumer mentality. It is also an open vehicle for embezzlement!
  5. 5.      Who has keys to the office? I’ll bet you never did any background checks. Why not just give them the keys to your house. Face it, they have the keys so you don’t have to be the first in and last out. There’s an old saying “while the cat’s away”. 

Those are just 5 points that I see every day and those same “business owners” are usually the first to complain about the lack of patients or reduced revenue. Maybe it’s time to take control and re-evaluate your business systems. Your financial advisor can offer direction or please feel free to contact me directly and confidentially at any time @201-321-7494 or

Your clinical training did not focus on business economics. If you consult with clinical specialists, why don’t you consult with economic specialists? Sometimes it doesn’t cost a penny! The reason most dentists don’t consult is because they are afraid to make the investment in the management education. In business, there are no expenses, just investments and it’s all about the ROI.

There is no shame in not knowing, only in not wanting to know (or see?)!

Today is Sunday, June 24, 2012. Enjoy your family and please be safe.

Cliff Marsh

Henry Schein Dental

P.O. Box 663 / 45 Rt. 46 East, Suite 605

Pine Brook, NJ 07058

Cell: 201-321-7494

Fax: 201-262-2210




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