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If it “Quacks Like a Duck!” & “The OCR Delays The HIPPA Omnibus Rule”

Cliff’s Notes for September 29, 2013

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The reason we do what we do, is so that we can to do what we want to do, when we want to do it!

It’s a tongue twister, but working as a team and making informed decisions, will get us there.




“Behavior is the mirror in which everyone shows their image.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe




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  • The Root of It Commentary:

If it Quacks Like a Duck, Maybe it is?

  • Grassroots News:

Dr. Paul Homoly in His Last North East Appearance for 2013!

  • Product Review:

Calcimol LC!

  • Dentistry Beyond the Mouth:

Give Kids A Smile!

  • The Office Manager Blog:

Tips on avoiding administrative errors in the dental practice!

  • American Association of Dental Office Managers:

MADOM Meeting on Dental/Medical Cross Coding – 12/13/2013!

  • The Disney Magic of Management:

Insights from the Disney Institute!

How Work-Life Balance is Shifting!

  • This Week from the ADA:

OCR Delays HIPPA Omnibus Rule!

  • The Henry Schein Outlet Store

Belmont Panoramic Unit!

  • Dental Practices for Sale

What is a Transition Consultant?

  • Music & a Laugh Should Start Your Day

A Cliff’s Notes Favorite!

The Root of It Commentary……………………..

image001  If it Quacks Like a Duck, Maybe it is?

 If it looks like a duck and it sounds like a duck would you think it is a duck? The answer is yes, you probably would. So what do you patients think about your ability to deliver quality healthcare if your office is “circa 20th century”? That right, I said 20th Century, remember, we are approaching the year 2014. When was the last time you re-decorated your reception room? When was the last time you changed the paint color in your operatories? When was the last time you put tape on that tear in the chair upholstery?

All too often we don’t take a good enough look at ourselves and try to understand how other people see us. All too often it’s because we don’t want to make the financial investment. The next time you are on check-out line at the supermarket take a look at the video screen. Oh that’s right, they have LCD video displays, and they also have air purifiers to neutralize odors. This is all done to instill confidence with their customers that they are clean, modern and organized.

What does your practice say? Does it quack like a Duck or does it sore like an Eagle? Maybe it is time you walked in the front door, sat down in the reception room and took a good look around. When you paint a room in your home does it make you feel better?

When patients see magazines that are 3 months old, it makes the practice seem old. When there is a stain on the floor, wall or ceiling, it makes the practice look dirty. When you have an analog TV tuned into Judge Judy, it reflects your clinical level. Something as simple as a flat screen TV tuned into a local news station will dramatically change the perception of who you are. It’s time to get back to the basics of customer satisfaction!

For further discussion, questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at any time @ 201-321-7494 or e-mail

Grassroots News………………………………….

Presents Dr. Paul Homoly in His Last North East Appearance for 2013

The Joint Chapters of the Grassroots Study Clubs of New Jersey is holding their annual event on Wednesday October 9th at the Venetian in Garfield, NJ. This year’s full day program features Dr. Paul Homoly in an advanced Treatment Planning Workshop. 200+ are already signed up to hear one of the industries brightest and most entertaining speakers. To register log onto:

For more information on program dates or topics, or to register for any meetings or events, contact the club administrator Linda Barba @ 201-201-446-4265.




Product Review – Calcimol LC………………….

  Calcimol LC Light-cured, resin modified calcium ion releasing base liner and pulp capping material….. Once again, Voco America has brought to market a new material, at a low per use cost, that interacts and advances chairside dentistry.


  • Indirect pulp capping
  • Lining under all filling materials
  • Protection when applying the total-etch technique


  • Calcium ion release promotes hydroxyapatite and secondary dentin growth
  • High pH level 10–12) supports healing and has an antimicrobial effect
  • Flow on Demand – stays where you apply it
  • Non-Dripping syringe for easy placement without waste
  • Virtually eliminates sensitivities by creating a sealed barrier to the pulp
  • High compressive strength for a solid foundation
  • Radiopaque for easy x-ray identification
  • Acid resistant

Calcimol LC in the new NDT®-syringe NDT® means non-dripping-technology, especially for fine-flowing materials. It can be dosed and applied precisely without any loss of material.


For more information log onto:

Dentistry Beyond the Mouth………………………….

Helping Children through Give Kids A Smile – February 7, 2014

ADA On-Line Registration – October 1, 2013 –

Henry Schein Free Examination Kits Request – TODAY! (Call Cliff for Forms)

Through the Henry Schein Cares Program, Henry Schein Dental will supply examination products for up to 50 exams for participating dental offices and organizations to assist in this important community event.

To receive the free/manufacturer donated products the office must register on the ADA website ( and fill out the product request form. Forms can be obtained by contacting Cliff Marsh @ 201-321-7494 or e-mail:  

Participation does not guaranty exam kits. There are a limited number available for this national program. Early sign-up, ADA on-line registration and a Henry Schein account are required.

The Free Exam Kit for up to 50 Pediatric oral Examinations Includes:

Gloves – Patient Bibs – Bib Holders – Face Masks – Plastic Cups – Gauze Pads – Prophy Angles – Prophy Paste – Fluoride Varnish – Chair Sleeves – Tongue Depressors – Children’s Toothbrushes – Children’s Toothpaste

The American Dental Association began the Give Kids A Smile program in 2003 as a way for dentists to join with others in the community to provide dental services to underserved children. The program initially began as a one-day event in February, but has since grown to local and national events year-round. Dentists and other team members volunteer their time, and services, to provide screenings, treatments and education to children throughout the United States. Each year, approximately 450,000 children benefit from more than 1500 events, all because of the efforts of 40,000 or more annual volunteers.

2014 Give Kids A Smile Day National Kickoff Event

Celebrating its 12th year, the national kickoff event will be held at Howard University in Washington, D.C.  More details to follow.

Mark Your Calendar…

There are many exciting upcoming events for Give Kids A Smile:

For more information call Cliff @ 201-321-7494 or

The Office Manager Blog:……………………….


Tips on avoiding administrative errors in the dental practice

I have just returned from the American Association of Dental Office Managers (AADOM) annual meeting in Orlando, Fla. It was a great few days filled with friends and timely information. If your dental office manager isn’t a member of AADOM, you really should check out everything this great association has to offer. You find out more information about AADOM by clicking here.
While I was in Orlando, I had the chance to catch up with Dr. Charles Blair, who is an expert in coding for the dental practice. We chatted about the recent coding changes and what dental practices can expect in 2014. We also talked about ways that dental practices can do some simple things to avoid some very common errors. Click below to watch my video interview with Dr. Blair. 

To read the rest of Dayna’s interview, log onto:

Tips from the AADOM…………………………..

Metropolitan Association of Dental Office Managers – 12/13/2013

  The Metropolitan Association of Dental Office Managers (MADOM) will be forming in Northern New Jersey in the Fall of 2013. The first meeting is scheduled for Friday morning December 13 @ The Vizstara Dental Educational Center in Englewood Cliffs. All team members (Drs. Included) are welcome.

The Topic will be:

  • Dental & Medical Cross Coding

Tuition $65.00 for all attendees and includes a light breakfast and 2 CERP/PACE credits in continuing education. Membership to the national organization (AADOM) is available along with AADOM Fellowship Credits.

Registration starts at 9:30am with continental breakfast.

Lecture is from 10:00am-12:00pm.

 image004 The American Association of Dental Office Managers

Meet the AADOM Team: Log onto:

The Magic of Management………………………

How Work-Life Balance is Shifting (And How to keep it in Your Favor)

     Posted on September 24, 2013 by Bruce Jones, Programming Director, Disney Institute

  There’s a new paradigm for professionals battling to balance their working time and their personal time, according to John Trougakos, an associate professor of organizational behavior at University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management.
“The ethos encouraging overworking is becoming more pronounced,” says Trougakos. Sales targets and bottom line figures are turning up the pressure on employees to perform, and perform more often. It’s a conundrum for employees who want to get ahead without sacrificing time for family, friends, and recovery from mental fatigue, which is often overlooked.
Mr. Trougakos’ research suggests several ways employees feeling the crunch for time can return a bit of balance to their daily routine:

To read the Disney Institute Blog, log onto:

This Week in Dentistry from the ADA:…………

Office of Civil Rights announces delay on HIPAA requirement for certain clinical laboratories!

 image005   September 20, 2013

Washington—The U.S. Office for Civil Rights Sept. 19 issued a statement of delay “until further notice” in enforcement of the HIPAA requirement for certain CLIA and CLIA-exempt laboratories to revise their notices of privacy practices.

The NPPs of other HIPAA covered entities must be revised by Sept. 23 to comply with the modifications made to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act rules that were published Jan. 25 in the Federal Register (78 FR 5566), commonly known as the “Omnibus Rule.”

The delay applies to specific types of laboratories that fall under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988 as well as some types that are exempt from CLIA. Certain dental practices, such as the practice of an oral pathologist, may meet the definition of a laboratory affected by the OCR delay.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has posted an announcement on the delay on its website.

To read the rest of this article, log onto:

The Henry Schein Outlet Store:…………………

Overstock – Reconditioned – Demo

For the Special of the Week or More Outlet Store Offers, Call Cliff @ 201-321-7494

   Perfect for a Scan-X Owner

Condition: Reconditioned
Part Number: 144-6486-R   Manufacturer Part Number: EX-2000
Catalog Price: $37,560.00   Clearance Price: $3,999.00

Warranty: 6 Month Warranty – All Sales Final

  • Panoramic (child and adult)
  • 4 view open & closed TMJ imaging and P.A., A.P. and lateral cephalometric views
  • Simplified controls permit operator to select kV and either Panoramic, TMJ or Cephalometric mode
  • mA and exposure time are constant
  • Three-light beam system for alignment of patient mid-sagittal, frankfort and focal-trough planes
  • X-ray head height can be adjusted to accommodate adults or children, both seated and standing
  • Specify left or right cephalometric arm •60-90kV, 10mA •0.5mm x 1.0mm focal spot
  • Rotational speed adjusts to reduce shadow effect on the film of the cervical vertebrae
  • One 6”x12” Kodak Panoramic film cassette
  • One 8”x10” Cephalometric film cassette
  • Free standing Base

Dental Practices for Sale…………………………

For more information or a confidential conversation, call Cliff @ 201-321-7494 or e-mail

“What is A Transition Consultant?” 

Special Sale – 5 Year Old Practice – 4 Op’s / All High Tech / Gross $160k

Owner built practice but needs to focus on NYC practices…Must Sell!

Asking $160k … This practice is being handled by the owners accounting firm. All requests for information will be forwarded to them … Cliff’s Notes is not involved in any way with this listing.

Music Should Start Your Day………………………

From Me to You, Enjoy!

Little Shop of Horrors – Dentist Song

Bill Cosby- Dentists

Cliff Marsh

Henry Schein Dental

P.O. Box 663, 45 Rt. 46 East, Ste. #605

Pine Brook, NJ 07058

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