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Welcome to the New World of Federal Regulation!

Cliff’s Notes for December 1, 2013

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The reason we do what we do, is so that we can to do what we want to do, when we want to do it!

It’s a tongue twister, but working as a team and making informed decisions, will get us there.



Healthcare Is Turning Into an Industry Focused On Compliance, Regulation Rather Than Patient Care”



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  • The Root of It Commentary:

Welcome to the New World of Regulation!

  • Product Review:

The Moses 3D Oral Appliance!

  • The Office Manager Blog:

The Supernumerary Tooth, What to Do!

  • American Association of Dental Office Managers:

It’s Time For M.A.D.O.M. – Metropolitan Association of Dental Office Managers

  • Dentistry Beyond the Mouth:

Understanding Dental Sleep Medicine.

  • The Disney Magic of Management:

Insights from the Mouse!

How Disney Differentiates the Shopping Experience!

  • This Week from the ADA:

The Affordable Care Act and You!

  • The Henry Schein Outlet Store:

Midmark M3 Ultrafast Sterilizer!

  • Life is not all about Dentistry:

The Root of It Commentary……………………………………

image001Welcome to the New World of Regulations!

 “The way doctors record a patient’s medical problem or disease is going to drastically change next year, and is yet another area reinforcing the medical-industrial perspective of healthcare.” Forbes On-Line.

In 2014 your world will be rocked! Implementation of the ACA will continue as well as all the new federal regulations and mandates. You may think that you are O.S.H.A and HIPAA compliant, but I would safely bet you are not. O.S.S.A. has mandated the implementation and team training of “HAZCOM”. HIPAA now requires “Breach Protocol” and don’t forget the “Omnibus Rule”.   

The ERC (Electronic Health Records) is mandated for the medical community and if you think that dentistry is far behind you are dreaming. This is about centralizing patient information and you are the one responsible for doing and securing it. It is estimated that 65% of medical practices currently conform or are trying to conform with the new requirements. About 20% of a team member’s time is spent dealing with insurance and regulations. Now you need to develop systems that will minimizes that time, after all, time is money.

The new world of regulation has spawned a new industry that focuses on consulting and regulatory compliance. So, let’s talk about implementing and controlling your new federal obligations. Start by appointing a team member as a point person and along with that person; attend a few seminars on compliance. You need to attend because it is your business that is on the line and you are the one that will be fined for non-compliance. Yes this will cost you a few dollars but “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.

As the world of PPO insurance grows, the insurance companies will be the ones policing your compliance because it directly impacts their customer base. You need to address these new issues aggressively and quickly because the train already left the station.  For more information, please feel free to contact me at any time @ 201-321-7494 or

For further discussion, questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at any time @ 201-321-7494 or e-mail

Product Review –The Moses………………………………….

The Moses 3-Dimensional Oral Appliance

We understand that it can be difficult to get a clear understanding of The Moses® just by viewing a photo. In order to make our Oral Airway Dilator easier for you to understand, we have illustrated the distinct aspects of The Moses® by using a color-coded design.

(Please note: the illustration has been altered to indicate the three distinct parts and their attributes. The Moses® will be blue with a clear maxillary retainer.)

Color-Coded Indicators

Separate flexible retainer helps prevent tooth movement and acts as an anchor for the entire maxillary arch.

Attached to the base and determines how far the mandible is protruded. The Moses® will be delivered to you pre-set according to your bite registration. The buccal mounted advancement screws allow for an open anterior space for the tongue. Ideal Design!

The base of the device is specifically designed. The acrylic guides and stimulates the tongue to a protrusive or anterior position.

The Moses® is the only appliance that incorporates all 3 attributes of a successful anti-snore appliance.

For more information on the Moses, log onto:

Don’t miss the hands-on 2 part, 6 hour CE Session on the implementation of a Dental OSA Program in your office. This Bergen County, NJ event will be held o 1/17/14 at Vizstara Professional. For information and registration, call Asteto Dent Labs @  800-447-7750.

Dentistry Beyond the Mouth…………………………………

Dental Sleep Medicine

Understanding the simplicity of a dental sleep management program is really very easy. It’s wanting to understand it that is the obstacle. Learning the impression technique takes only a few minutes, after all, taking impressions is what you do. Understanding the function of the appliance is a no brainer, your training in school required far more effort and it is simple logic. So where are the speed bumps in implementing this life saving procedure to you daily protocol?

Maybe you aren’t sure of how to explain the treatment plan. Maybe your staff doesn’t know how to raise questions. Maybe your afraid of complications. Maybe you just don’t want to deal with medical insrance. On January 17, 2014 all of these questions will be answered. Participants will take impressions, fabricate and adjust an oral appliance. Attendees will leave this 2 part (6 hour) session with a functional appliance, a George Gauge, 6 CE’s and a full working knowledge of  Sleep Medicine that can be put into practice the next day. In-Office training sessions (2 Hours+) for your team are available as well as a 911 Emergency Hot Line. Attendance is limited at this Bergen County, NJ course. For more information/registration Call 800-447-7750.  $695.00/all inclusive

For more information call Cliff @ 201-321-7494 or

The Office Manager Blog:………………………………………


The Supernumerary Tooth, What to Do?

Our patients walk in with some unusual situations, but one of the more common situations I see is an extra tooth or Supernumerary Tooth.  Do you know how to chart it?  How would you bill it to insurance?  Watch today’s video and find out . . .

To read the rest of Dayna’s interview, log onto:

Tips from the AADOM………………………………………….

image004 Virtual Study Club for Dental Office Managers.

 Virtual Study Club for Dental Office Managers.

 Registration is now open!

Join AADOM again as we offer the best in practice management educations. This Advanced Track offers everything you need to continue to excel as a dental office manager. Virtual Study Club open to AADOM members only. New season starts Jan.14!
BONUS: Virtual Study Club students also receive special pricing to the 2014 Annual Dental Managers Conference. Register today!

Meet the AADOM Team: Log onto:

Metropolitan Association of Dental Office Managers – 12/13/2013

The Metropolitan Association of Dental Office Managers (M.A.D.O.M.) will be holding their first meeting on Friday morning December 13, 2013 @

Vizstara Dental Educational Center

Hyundai Building

300 Sylvan Ave.  (3rd Floor)

Englewood Cliffs, NJ.

All team members (Drs. Included) are welcome.

The Topic will be: “Regulatory Compliance 2014” presented by Dr. Donald Cohen. Dr. Don, as he is nationally known, is the CEO of the Health Compliance Team and Director of Regulatory Compliance for Banyan Health Corp. & Health First Corp. These two organization supply 50% of all the emergency medical kit and emergency pharmaceuticals in the United States.

Dr. Don will review:

  • The Federal CDC Up-Dares.
  • The New Laws Regarding HIPPA Breach & The HIPPA Omnibus Rule.
  • The Mandates for O.S.H.A. Protocol Including Radiological Monitoring.
  • New ACA (Obama Care) E-Mail Security Requierments.

Tuition $45.00 for all attendees and includes a light breakfast and 2 CERP/PACE credits in continuing education. Membership to the national organization (AADOM) is available along with AADOM Fellowship Credits.

Registration starts at 9:00am with continental breakfast.

Lecture is from 9:30am-11:30am.

To register, call Asteto Dent Labs @ 973-763-1000

For more information, contact Linda Barba, Educational Coordinator @ 201-446-4265

The Magic of Management…………………………………….

3 Customer Service Tips to Stand Out this Holiday Season: How Disney Differentiates the Shopping Experience!

  November 26, 2013 by Bruce Jones, Programming Director, Disney Institute

The holiday shopping season comes with the same great anticipation every year…so, what are you going to do differently this year?
In our work with various companies, we sometimes have them complete an exercise to capture “stereotypes” of various industries, including retail. Interestingly, regardless of the audience, we see similar expectations about the service experience in the typical retail establishment.

There certainly are retail establishments who do things differently from what we see on this poster and they are fairly successful!
Walt Disney once said, “When I started on Disneyland, my wife used to say, But why do you want to build an amusement park? They’re so dirty. I told her that was just the point—mine wouldnt be.” What Walt knew intuitively was that he needed to differentiate. He knew that significant service differentiation only occurs when an individual organization ruptures a widely held industry stereotype.
Certainly online shopping will continue to play a significant and growing role in the industry, but dont forget that “going shopping” is still a very human experience for many of us.

 What does Disney do, and what can organizations do, to differentiate the in-store shopping experience for customers this season? Here are three tips:

To read the rest of The Disney Institute Blog, log onto:

This Week in Dentistry from the ADA:

image005  The Affordable Care Act and You!

        November 22, 2013 ADA News staff

 You may have questions about the Affordable Care Act and what it means for dentists.

The Association invites questions at the email address

The ADA Center for Professional Success offers news and information specifically useful to dentists about the Affordable Care Act at

Based on a series of ADA News articles also posted at the ADA News website, “The Affordable Care Act and You” member resource is available at the Center for Professional Services website where members can frequently log in for additional ACA news and updates.

To read the rest of this article, Log onto:

The Outlet Store…………………………………………………

Overstock – Reconditioned – Demo

For the Special of the Week or More Outlet Store Offers, Call Cliff @ 201-321-7494

Condition: Overstock
Part Number: 386-3052-N   Part Number: M3-001
Catalog Price: $5,279.99  Outlet Price: $3,499.00

The Midmark M3 UltraFast Automatic Sterilizer is everything you need in an autoclave. Sterilize unwrapped instruments and handpieces in just 6 minutes and pouched instruments in just over 10, with the touch of a button. The M3 is the simple, intelligent and fast choice for your sterilization needs, featuring:

  • One-step loading
  • Push-button cycle selection
  • Automatic-opening door
  • Intelligent features monitor water levels for worry-free operation
  • Dries instruments in as quickly as 25 minutes
  • Top fill for convenient access to water reservoir
  • Front reservoir drain with on-board drain tube storage
  • Condensate tank with quick release lid, convenient carrying handle and water level sensor.

This item is excluded from any manufacturer promotion.

Life is not all about Dentistry…………

From Me to You, Enjoy!

Bonnie Raitt – Angel from Montgomery (live)

The Dentist W.C. Fields

Don’t miss one day of your family growing up. Don’t let life get in the way, because when today is gone you can never get it back. It is important to find the balance.

“The only rock I know that stays steady, the only institution I know that works, is the family.”

Lee Iacocca

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