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Maybe it’s Time? Come Down From the Cloud!

Google  There is not much doubt that Google has change the world and as a business owner your participation in this journey through time and space is essential for your success. You have developed a great website and enlisted all the search engines. You are utilizing internet marketing tools and the phone is ringing. But (there is always a but) you are not getting the quality patients you want. Maybe it’s time to come down from the cloud and get back to basics, personalized customer service.

I read a great posting the other day by Debra Seidel, founder at Dental Hygiene Solutions . She talks about her experience visiting a corporate run dental office as an emergency patient.

In the article she talks about the patient experience she expected and the one she received. Now I have been telling my clients for years that technology will only take you so far, it’s customer service that will make or break you.

Websites are very important in attracting new patients. It is the first line of communication and sets the expectation level of a new patient. However, if the first telephone call (that old Alexander Graham Bell device) is not handled with curtesy and concern, the beautiful vision the website portrays is trashed. Ask yourself, who is the face of your organization? Do you enjoy their personality and observe their interaction with patients? Maybe that person is just nice and fits within your price range. If price is the issue, take a look at a winning team, they pay well for talent and meeting production goals.

There is a pizza shop near my house that practices “superior” customer service. They incorporated communication technology and when we call they answer the phone “Hi Mr. Marsh, how are you this evening”. They know my name & address and it is an unexpected experience. They Wowed me! Now if a pizza shop can create that effect think about what your team of trained & scripted professionals can achieve.

There is a saying “if you love what you do you won’t work a day in your life”. If your point person loves interacting with people you are half way there, you can’t teach personality. Add communication technology and you will be amazed at how well your website will start to work. Debra Seidel’s article really takes it back to basics and gives you a good look at what your competitors are doing. Oh, did I forget to remind you that you do have other dental offices competing for the same patient. Make the difference with customer service. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

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