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Mr. Dentist, Meet Watson

Have you met Watson? He is your very near future so you should know who and what he is. He is not just a Jeopardy champion he is artificial intelligence and he is learning healthcare.

Watson or one of his siblings, will eventually design the crown you scan and send it to wherever you want, a mill or a lab. The end result will be nothing less than perfect. Watson will diagnose, treatment plan and pre-D on its own. Your medical counterparts are already utilizing Watson’s diagnostic options and to think that dentistry is not far behind is just sticking your head in the sand.

How far behind the curve are you? … When do you plan on jumping on the technology train? OK, you bought digital radiography, but how long did it take you to engage with the technology and what was the result? Now we are into all types of digital imaging that greatly increase diagnostic abilities and provide very predictable results. The train has left the station and if you will be practicing for more than 5 years it is important that you catch up. At the end of the day consider the value of your business and its curb appeal.

Where do you need to go? … You need to fit into the future healthcare network. Insurance companies will require more diagnostic information for pre-determination. They will require digital transmission to reduce their expenses and claim processing. Every business, big or small, looks for ways to reduce or control expenses, it’s part of doing business. However, doing business requires investment. Your first step should be to fully understand your practice, surprisingly most of today’s dental practitioners don’t.

Understanding Your Practice … What type of practice do you have? Is it restorative, hygiene or surgical based? Are you high volume or a private boutique? What ever it is you will need, at a minimum, to accommodate industry standards. Watson is only the first, there are more coming. Technology is fueling technology and a business today has to budget technology as an annual operating expense.

Make the plan, meet Watson … He is waiting to meet you. Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions or concerns.

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