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You’re Getting Sued & You Don’t Know Why? Risk Management?

It happens everyday. In the litigious society we live in protecting your practice and your family from the bad guys needs to be a priority. The great Vince Lombardi said “The Team with the Best Defense Wins”.

Throughout the 20 years I coached baseball I always told my team that they worked hard in practice, were good and that we would score runs, but we can’t let the other side score. Don’t let the run cross the plate (baseball terms) and we can never lose. The same goes for your business, prepare for the game and you won’t get burned, too bad.

I have the highest respect for attorneys and our legal process, however, sometimes the law overrides a defendant’s best intentions and good people get hurt. So what are your exposed liabilities? Do you know?

Healthcare Practice Liability … I could go on for hours telling stories of litigation and out-comes with patients, employees and business associates. Most of the stories end financially painful because proper documentation was not in place. The law is complicated and requires professional assistance. You wouldn’t suggest that an attorney work on their own teeth so what makes a dentist think they can develop a risk management program?

What Patient Risks Need to be Managed? … Do you have a written “Patient Bill of Rights” that is signed by the patient? Do you have a written “Office Policy” statement? What about procedure consent forms? How current are your medical history up-dates? Are you prepared to handle medical emergencies?

Medical Emergencies …. Yes, they do happen. As a matter of fact, let me give a shout-out to Dr. Dan (don’t want to give his last name) for saving the life of a Henry Schein service technician that collapsed in his parking lot just a few weeks ago. A structured plan and a good team went into action and did everything possible while waiting for EMS to arrive. Here is the question, is your team prepared and practiced in emergency response? Probably not, but it should be part of your risk management program.

Clinical Liability … This one you know well. A failed procedure, poor infection control protocol, improper emergency protocol. If a healthcare issue arises, for whatever reason, it’s your fault.

Employee Management … You are responsible for everything your team members do. Are you protected from your employees? Have you protected your “intellectual property”? Have you thought about it?

Risk Management … Every business, especially healthcare, must protect its self as best it can in as many arenas as possible. From medical emergencies to clinical liabilities to employee management, procedure and protocol must be established and maintained with consistency. Your best intentions may be useless in a court of law. Don’t be foolish, engaging with qualified professionals is the best insurance you can buy.



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