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The Next Level -Your Dental Equipment & Your Desktop?

The technology train is going faster everyday so if you have not engaged with any of the new technology, it is a long road. You need to start walking down the field or plan on walking off. The next level is here.

As the advancements in technologies reach the dental industry, industry standards will need to change. One thing that will never change is the rising cost of “Down-Time” and the dramatic effect it can have on the dental office.

Down-Time … You have a full day booked or maybe just a few patients and the compressor won’t start. You call your favorite service tech and it takes them an hour to get there. Then they diagnose and hopefully fix the situation, but you had to reschedule the patients and lost the day. What did the down-time cost? What is it worth to never have that problem, because you know it’s going to happen at the worst time. Equipment manufacturers are addressing those concerns.

Equipment Manufacturers … Several of the large equipment manufacturers are incorporating software management into their products. Your compressor, vacuum, x-ray, sterilizer, and more will be monitored and warn you of needed maintenance and possible failure. Just like the warning lights on the dashboard of your car, by addressing the problem before it happens lets you control the down-time. When shopping new equipment it would be a good idea to add this to your list of questions.

The List of Questions … When shopping for new equipment in today’s dental market there are more things to think about than ever before. Everything you buy today must be able to adapt to tomorrows technologies. We have all heard the term open platform, the concept becomes more important every day. Think about the next 5 years and what you will need to incorporate new medicine. One thing that is always overlooked by most dental practices is the cost of operation after the warranty and promotional offers. The cost of software management and support need to be part of your annual budget. Just like your rent it will always be there and continually rise. The success of your practice will rely on the future integration of technology and your dental equipment so plan for the next level. It also matters where the equipment is purchased? Will that organization be able to service your needs in 5 years?

The Next Level … It all starts with quality practice management software. Add to that a quality office manager, not just a front desk, that becomes the systems monitor. If any of your equipment starts to malfunction or is due for servicing, warning windows will appear on designated screens. The data can also be transmitted to a quality service organization so that the technician knows what the problem is and is prepared with necessary parts. The next part of the equation is the IT person. This one is critical because dental related software is very complex. The guy at the gym is not a seasoned dental certified IT group. How about the next level of systems monitoring? It’s here, Tech Central can already monitor your network and provide 24 hour remote service. Soon they will be able to keep an eye on you compressor, vacuum, x-ray, and anything else that gets plugged in. That is where “Out-Sourcing” can save you a lot of money. I have a client that will do $1M Gross this year with 2 chairs. The office spends their time doing dentistry and not paperwork. This is all Next Level Dentistry. Control the costs of operation and spend time doing dentistry. I am always available to address your questions or concerns.


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