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Please be advised, I will not be available the week of August 28th. Below is contact information for my support team.

Merchandise Orders

1-800-707-5678 … Andrea  ext. 222-8858 or Kevin Solomon ext. #222-8444

Robin … 1-631-454-3168

 Andrea, Kevin & Robin all know your discount structure from your history.

 Equipment service 1-800-645-6594

You can email our service dispatch at for a fast response. Make sure your name and office phone number are included with the problem.

Henry Schein Dental Metro Center, Moonachie, NJ   201-440-7004



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My Feet Hurt! But I’ve Been Sitting all Day? “Dental Office Ergonomics”

It’s 3:00 in the afternoon and your feet and back are starting to hurt, your neck is stiff, and you’re getting a headache. Maybe it’s the stress of running a dental practice or maybe time to look at your working environment as the cause. My advice to my clients is simple, you can try to save money in a lot of places but there are three where price should not matter, your handpiece, your stool, and your overhead light.

Your Handpiece … A craftsman does their best work with the best tools. Your handpiece is your #1 tool. You use it on almost every patient and there is a difference between a $200.00 and a $1200.00 handpiece. Yes, quality handpieces are expensive but so is your time. Quality preforms better and in the long run will cost less but the big advantage is a smooth cut and lower noise. It’s the noise that effects your health. The highspeed squeal is only inches from your ear. We are talking about hearing loss and it is a real problem in dentistry.

Your Stool … This may have been the most misunderstood piece of equipment of the last generation. Back problems, leg problems, foot and neck issues can all be attributed to your stool and positioning. You know who doesn’t have any of these problems? The dentist that works standing up. So, if standing is not an option then you need to look into quality seating and learn about “positioning”. Todays operatory seating is designed to compliment the new patient chairs. The patient’s head position can be adjusted to fit the dentist’s posture when seated correctly in a quality stool. You need to bring the patient to you, not adjust yourself for the patient.

Your Overhead Lighting … This is about your eyes. LED Lighting is the best and there is no excuse not to upgrade your current light to LED with a simple adapter. Your counter tops should be well lit with the same type of light (LED) so eye strain is minimized when looking away from the oral cavity. The focusing and adjusting your eyes have to do during the day will lead to eye muscle fatigue. Got a head ache?

The 80/20 Rule … I can tell you that eight out of ten dentists and hygienists complain to me about aches and pains but they don’t do anything about it. OMG! It’s going to cost some money to make you feel better. So, let’s talk about the cost and you can think about it while your driving home in your $40,000.00 car…..

1) Your Handpiece (air driven) $800.00-$1200.00(depending on brand)

2) Your stool (Drs.) $400.00-$1200.00 … (Asst.) $600.00-$1200.00

3) Overhead light conversion Halogen to LED $350.00 (most brands)

Ask your friends about their chairside health. This is about you and your team and your working environment. A healthy and happy team improves production. A work environment and flow evaluation can be arranged free of charge but to fix any problem you will need to invest in your health. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.



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We all know that the internet is a dangerous place. We employee security com-panies and utilizes encrypted data. Unfortunately the consumer mentality that has been bred into us since childhood tends to take over. The world of commerce has changed dramatically over just the past 3 years. Amazon, Wayfair, Walmart and other are competing for your dollars by offering a good price and convenience, but a healthcare provider needs to understand the “unseen” dangers in the unregulated internet.

The UnRegulated Internet … Healthcare providers are regulated by state and federal agencies, therefore, everything they do is subject to interpretation. What would happen if a procedure fails and the result is litigation? Was the failure due to an inadequate clinical procedure or was it due to product failure? Your defense team will blame the material manufacturer but their defense team will want to know where and when the materials were purchased. If the materials used were not obtained from an authorized U.S. distributer, you are on your own. The original manufacturer will not support your defense. Now you need to prove that the materials used during the clinical procedure were acceptable for use, that they were not counterfeit.

Counterfeit Dental Materials … If something sounds too good to be true, it usually isn’t. In today’s world market there is a counterfeit everything and dental materials are no different. Companies like 3M, Dentsply/Sirona, Kerr Sybron pursue and litigate unauthorized distribution internationally on a regular basis. You can receive updates and information on grey market and counterfeit issues as well as authorized distributors by calling the manufacturers directly.

Authorized Distribution Channels … There is a reason that only certain companies are authorized to distribute a manufactures products. The requirements are based on the product line and inventory storage capability. An authorized distributor must have inventory rotation systems and be able to purchase a large opening order covering the manufacturers entire product line. As an example, Dentsply Sirona has about 35 authorized dental distributors in the US and one, locally, is under a federal indictment due to a Dentsply investigation into the handling of there product. However, a quality distributor will have some requirements from the manufacturer, and that is product liability.

Product Liability … You automatically think that product liability is the manufacturer’s problem, that is a consumer mentality. In the eyes of the law your patient is the ultimate consumer and you are responsible for the products you use and the source of supply. If the product in question was not obtained from an authorized distributor, the manufacturer’s insurance company will claim no liability and you will be between a rock and a hard place.

Liability Insurance … Your malpractice insurance covers you to the extent of the policy but what about the source of your payables? Do you have liability insurance conformation from your I.T. Company, electrician, plumber, dental supply, lab, etc? Henry Schein, like most regulatory compliant companies, requires proof of product liability before they will release a product into the market from any distribution center. This should be part of your risk management program.

Risk Management … There is so much you don’t know. Your concentration is on patient care and treatment planning and you have insurance backing you up incase of litigation. However, there is a good chance that you are setup to loose. Record keeping is the #1 defensive strategy and it is so much more than accurate charts. You don’t know what you don’t know. From product liability to patient communication to employee management and sales tax liability, it’s your responsibility.

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