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A Practice Building Review

What does it take to build something great? It take diligence, courage, and planning. Patient marketing is so important to maintain your active patient base and back load it with new patients. It all starts with name recognition and giving the customer (patient) more than they expect. Think about your current patient base, what generation do they represent? Baby Boomer’s or Generation Z?

Generation Z … Anyone born between 1996 and 2010 are your target patient base for the next 10-15 years. They demand technology and options and you will need to exceed their expectations with practice building programs.

Total Heath … There are multiple systemic diagnostics that a dental health practice can employ at no cost to the patient. Will they cost a few dollars, probably, but the return on the investment is very high.

1. Take blood pressure

2. Screen for Obstructive Sleep Apnea

3. Screen for Oral Cancer

Keeping everything in-house … Patients do not want to be sent to specialist they don’t know. But they would trust that same specialist if it was at your office. Security and confidence. Again, there may be some investment but that investment can be realized in just a few months. Think about what you send out and please let me know if you have any questions.

Technology … This one stings a little because it requires effort and commitment as well as a larger financial investment. Think about the back end of your patient base. The 19-21 year old that’s coming in because their parents have been patients for 15 years. What do they understand? Gandhi once said “you are the language you speak”. I walk into offices that still have CTR style TV sets sitting on wall mounts. Great for 20 years ago! Now there has to be a flat screen that interacts with both entertainment and clinical videos. If the current market is Millennials and Generation Z you have to keep pace. What do they see? If it looks old then the quality of care must be old. A Lunch & Learn Marketing session, with CE’s may be available, call me.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea … Been there, done that! That’s the first reply when I ask clients about the program. This is the most miss-understood practice builder, it costs nothing and can change the face of your practice. The problem is the providers expectations. This should not be thought of as a medical insurance provider procedure but more of a patient building tool. The program is simple and I would be happy to provide details on the 2-3 minute protocol.

Care Credit … Sure it costs a few dollars, but it helps achieve a better cash flow and reduces receivables. The no-interest patient financing will also lead to more treatment plan acceptance. Speak to one of the Care Credit Representatives in the area or contact me at any time.

Dental Warranty … This may be dentistry’s best kept secret. It’s has been around for 10 years. Your patients now have the option to have a nation-wide warranty on any clinical procedure. Plus, the low cost can be covered through Care Credit. For more information call Brad @ 972-345-8998 or Use Info Code DENT911

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