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Dental Impression Scanners “An overview of What’s What”

Dental impression scanners are soon to be thought of as standard office equipment. Digital imaging can save money by speeding up process time in every facet of healthcare from chair time to insurance processing. The more you engage in digital technology the more access you will have to increased cash flow. Shopping for a dental impression  scanner is like shopping for a new car, and they cost about the same. But, when was the last time your car saved you chair time or helped you increase production and cash flow? So, let’s talk scanners.

Talking impression scanners … There are so many coming to the market it is confusing which system is best for your practice. Because there are so many I am only using 4 brands as a sample review. First you have to have an idea of where you want to go with impression scanning. Do you plan on utilizing in office milling now or in the future or do you want to transmit data to your lab. Another consideration is how the Scanner software integrates with your practice management system as well as your diagnostic network.

True Definition Scanner (3M) Exhibit Booth #4019 … This is the perfect entry level scanner. It is simple & very portable but only displays in black & white. The video image capture technology is standard video with no bells and whistles and that keeps the price in the lower range. The system is an open platform and will communicate with most labs and in office mills. Images are accepted for Invisalign.

Emerald Scanner (Planmeca) Exhibit Booth #5425 … Originally developed by D4D Technologies this scanner is the enhanced version on the E4D system. It is an excellent choice for a full use scanner & mill. The design programs are comprehensive and accurate with constant up-dates to performance and features. The camera is small and ergonomically designed for easy access to the oral cavity. Planmeca has been offering impression scanning and milling for over a decade and incorporates an open platform.

Trios Scanner (3Shape) Exhibit Booth #2626 … The Trios System is the most popular dental impression scanner on the market. The capture speed is super fast allowing the user to scan a full arch in less than 30 seconds in HD and true color. The Trios is actually 3 cameras in one. Aside from the superior scanning ability it incorporates an intraoral camera and a shade matching camera that links to the design program. The system will capture multiple shades within a tooth and all the data can be transmitted to any lab with an open platform. Although the Trios will work with most Mills it is more suited to interaction with your lab as the milling prosses is more complicated.

Cerec Omnicam (Dentsply Sirona) Exhibit Booth #3409 … Young dentist graduating dental school this year were not born when Sirona developed the Cerec System. This is the Granddaddy of them all, the one that started the revolution. The small camera and the super fast scan is complimented by a comprehensive design program. If in-office milling and same day dentistry is in your future, this is the system to look at. Although Cerec is a closed platform, design images can be converted to an STL file and sent to any digital lab. Cerec images are accepted by Invisalign and.

Please feel free to contact me at any time with any questions or concerns. See you in New York!


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