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To Build a Dental Practice You Have to be Different!!

Ask yourself this question: Why should a patient come to you and not the office down the street? Your office is modern and updated just like theirs’. You have digital radiography and an intraoral camera just like them. What about patient communication? Do you have what they have? Do you offer as many in-house procedures as they do? Do you offer Pain-Less Dentistry?

Pain-Less … Is just that, less pain so don’t confuse it with painless. If I told you investing $150k would get you a $150k return in the first year and then $150k every year after that for 5 years would you consider the offer?  It would be part of a master marketing plan that allows you to provide services that most dental offices don’t do, YET! Pain-Less means utilizing a STA System (Wand) along with OraVerse or something like a Solea Laser. STA sands for Single Tooth Anesthesia and in only some cases will OraVerse be requested. Onset is immediate and the patient will not feel the injection and I can attest to that personally.  The only downside is that the technique requires a slow injection and a special needle. But, it is a practice builder, especially for new patients. Then there is the Solea Laser. This unit will allow you to do restorative dentistry without any anesthetic. Sounds hard to believe, but I saw it done. I also saw an old amalgam being removed again without anesthetic or patient discomfort. If marketed correctly, this may be a huge part of practice growth and new patients. You do a class II on a patient with no needle and no pain, you have a patient for life and they will tell others. The only downside is that it is expensive but the return on investment could be incredible.

Return On Investment (ROI) … Any new system implemented must be preceded by a marketing plan. Digital Radiography is old news to the Millennials and Gen Z. They are looking for paperless environments and all the bells and whistles that they see in the ER or on the net and they want it now. Sign-in tablets linked to your software, intraoral cameras, transillumination systems, impression scanners, Cone Beam, etc. are all investments in technology that offer a return but where do you go first for the best return? The Biggest bang for your buck? I like Cone Beam Technology as a starter.

Cone Beam Technology … Outside of the dentist the biggest revenue generating thing, pound for pound, in a dental office is a Cone Beam 3D X-ray. Not only do they save time but the diagnostic abilities opens the door for all types of new treatment plans and acceptance increases dramatically. Cone Beam Technology today has brought dentistry to a new “total health” level. Give them more than they expect.

More Than They Expect … It’s time to make your practice different and tell the world why. Practice total health and adjust your marketing to demographics and generations. Baby Boomers are in their restorative time frame and the coming generations will have healthy teeth (because we are so good today at what we do) so unless we focus on promoting cosmetics and total health all we’ll be left with is hygiene. You have to different and the train is leaving the station, jump on now. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.


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