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Cliff’s Notes for August 25, 2013

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The reason we do what we do, is so that we can to do what we want to do, when we want to do it!

It’s a tongue twister, but working as a team and making informed decisions, will get us there.




To every action there is always opposed an equal reaction.”

Sir Isaac Newton



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“Gordon Christensen on Bonding Agents & Post Op Sensitivity”

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  • The Root of It Commentary:

Quality Dental Study Clubs & Groups Inspire Passion!

  • When Kerpen Speaks:

19 reasons your LinkedIn/Facebook headshot may be an epic fail!

  • The Office Manager Blog:

Embezzlement, Take the guesswork out of fraud detection!

  • American Association of Dental Office Managers:

The Value of an Upset Employee!

  • The Disney Magic of Management:

Insights from the Disney Institute

How to maintain your values when the message is difficult!

  • This Week from the ADA:

Affordable Care Act, dental benefits examined! Part #2! From the ADA.

  • Product Review:

What is Profitability Coaching?

  • The Henry Schein Outlet Store

Progeny Intra Oral Camera!

  • Dental Practices for Sale

Co-Ownership & Partnership Agreements!

  • Music Should Start Your Day

A Cliff’s Notes Favorite!

The Root of It Commentary…………………………………………………

image001 Quality Dental Study Clubs & Groups Inspire Passion!

I can’t tell you how many dental study clubs or groups I have attended over the years. I’ve been to the “good old boys club” & “the woman’s club” & “the specialist, send me your referrals club”. Well, as many of you know, lately I have been recommending a specific group and I think it is time, without using names, to explain why.

This past Friday, August 23rd, I had asked one of my clients if he received my invitation to a new group forming locally. He laughed and said “I got all of your notices” then he asked why I thought this group was different? I told him it was all about “PASSION”.

This group was formed by 3 young GP’s out of UMDNJ and focused on the advancement of dental health care. It’s not about credits (although they are supplied) or food or a night out. It’s about how to be better at what you do and to speak to other professionals on a one to one basis without egos or competitive concerns. I guess it is about the passion for dentistry you had when you started your career.

I met these dedicated professionals about 5 years ago and on a quiet summer evening they helped me rediscover the passion I had for what I do. It wasn’t about selling supplies or equipment; it was about partnering with the chairside professional to improve the quality of life for their patients and their families. Achieve that goal and everything else falls into place for everyone.

By a sheer coincidence Kerry Straine was speaking on a Friday morning in central NJ. I was able to get Kerry to speak to the club on a Thursday evening. Now, Kerry Straine is rated as top dental practice management consultant in the country and that evening only 7 of the 11 members could attend. At the end of the evening, Kerry said to me “Cliff, thank you … I have never met a group of dentists that were so focused on patient care and their future.” Although this group has grown to a membership of over 30, it’s the passion for the profession that has become contagious and that is what makes the difference.

The client I spoke with on Friday said to me, before he returned to the op, “It’s like I was 20 years ago”. I answered YES!

The moral of this story is to get involved and rediscover your passion for what you do. Achieve that and you will never work another day in your life.

For further discussion, questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at any time @ 201-321-7494 or e-mail

When Kerpen Speaks!………………………………………………………..

19 reasons your LinkedIn/Facebook headshot may be an epic fail!

Dave Kerpen

CEO, Likeable Local, NY Times Best-Selling Author & Keynote Speaker

By Tobias Schremmer | Posted: August 15, 2013

You don’t want to be too sexy, too stern, too blurry; go for well-lighted, not half-lit. Best bet: Pony up a little cash and invest in a professional, yet moderately casual portrait.

What is that you say? You hate how you look in photos? Welcome to the club. But fear not—anyone can look great, especially in a LinkedIn photo. You just need a little help. (I’ll talk more about that at the end of this post.)

After carefully combing through several hundred LinkedIn photos (offered via the page that says “People I May Know”), I have come up with these 19 personal epic fail photo categories.

Names are not listed to protect the guilty—but you might know who you are from the descriptions.

1. Just straight-up blurry. (Hello, I’m Digital Photography 101. How have we not met before?)

2. Terrible lighting. (Are you the Dark Knight rising? I can barely make you out from all those shadows.)

3. The “Sears portrait” background. (Your 1981 yearbook called… )

To read the rest of this article, log onto:

On January 14, 2014 Dave Kerpen will be the featured speaker at the Grassroots Metro Study Club meeting @ Vizstara in Englewood Cliffs, NJ. And on January 23, 2014 He will be visiting the Grassroots in Denville, NJ. For more information and registration please contact me directly.

To understand more about building your team & practice please feel free to contact me at any time @ 201-321-7494 or send me an e-mail @

The Office Manager Blog:…………………………………………………..


Embezzlement, Take the guess work out of fraud detection!

Some of you may have already been a victim of embezzlement in your practice and wonder if it could ever happen again. One the other hand, some of you might have that little voice in the back of your mind telling you that it could happen to you but you have no idea where to even look. What if you could have your own personal spy in your practice management software that would give you a little tap on the shoulder when something looks a little fishy? What if this spy could take the guesswork away from you so you could concentrate on the important things … like taking care of your patients and enjoying your weekend golf game? This is a reality right now.

Watch a quick video from my good friend Dr. Don Lewis and find out how his application can give you peace of mind.

To see the video and the rest of Dayna’s blog, log onto:

Tips from the AADOM………………………………………………………..

image004  The value of an upset employee!
By Mel Kleiman

The American Association of Dental Office Managers

  While every cloud has a silver lining, it can be hard to discern when the cloud is an upset employee. When you’re dealing with employees, inevitably some will feel misunderstood, wrongly judged or have their feelings hurt — and responding appropriately to strong negative emotions can be a challenge.

When employees do air their grievances, you actually owe them a debt of gratitude because frustrated employees have three choices:

  • They can speak up
  • They can let things simmer inside while their work suffers
  • They can start planning their exit strategy

Only the first option gives you the opportunity to remedy the situation.
Your first instinct might be to try to determine if the employee’s anger is justified, but you’d be wise to realize the reason he is angry is not the issue. You are hearing the employee’s perception and experience, and that is all that matters to him.

This is when you have the opportunity to either turn these employees into allies, lose them or — even worse — turn them off but keep them on the payroll. So, don’t take these situations personally and don’t blow the opportunity to win these relationships back. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Thank them for their feedback. Let them know the time, energy (and probably courage), it took to let you know about the situation is of great value.
  2. Empathize with their frustration. They want to be understood, and they want to feel justified in their beliefs. This doesn’t require a long, drawn-out discussion. Saying something like: “I can imagine how frustrating this must have been for you” will do. Be sure to be genuine about this or you will sound patronizing.
  3. Ask for the details. Ask them to outline what led up to their displeasure. Assure them that you will look into the details of what happened and, the more information they can provide, the more quickly you will to be able offer a remedy.
  4. Apologize. Not just a quick “I’m sorry,” but an honest apology for the frustration they have experienced. Think of it this way, they are helping you improve your business. Let them know, in a genuine way, you’re sorry for the inconvenience, displeasure or discomfort they experienced.
  5. Take action. What are you going to do about it? Your next action will be what the employee remembers. What will it take to win back the employee’s trust?
  6. Follow up. Be sure to say, “I’ll follow up with you in (timeframe) to make sure we get this right and it doesn’t happen again.” After you come up with a solution, it’s time to check back to be sure they are now satisfied (and, consequently, once again delighted to be working for you).

Follow these simple steps to turn an unhappy employee into an engaged employee and improve the way things get done to boot. How’s that for a silver lining?

To read the rest of this article, log onto:

The AADOM’s Annual Session is September 19th to 20th in Orlando Florida.  To register, log onto

Cliff’s Notes readers receive $100 off conference registration. The code is: HENRYSCHEIN2013.    

Heather Colicchio, AADOM Founder

Meet the AADOM Team: Log onto:

The Magic of Management………………………………………………….

Insights from the Disney Institute!

    How to maintain your values when the message is difficult!


Posted on August 22, 2013 by Bruce Jones, Programming Director, Disney Institute

  There are certain messages that no one likes to receive. It can be even more difficult delivering these messages. Do your rules change when the message is difficult?
The way you deliver a difficult message will convey several things about the status of your culture. This is when the values of your organization are front and center, you’ve talked the talk, now it’s time to walk the walk.

  • What happens when a difficult conversation is delivered poorly?

Your culture is undermined by the overarching message that your values are not really your values. Think about the “water cooler talk” your employees will have about a leader who handles a difficult conversation poorly. The message between your employees is that accountability is lacking — another sign of cultural undermining.

  • What do you get from a difficult conversation that is delivered well?

Authenticity and trust are built when leaders practice what they preach. Handling a difficult conversation calmly and respectfully reinforces the values of the organization through the leader’s actions. Depending on the situation, the handling of a difficult conversation can be the difference between the long-term success or the future of an employee.
Strong leaders will consider the feelings of the recipient while holding true to the organization’s values. The effectiveness of your delivery could be the difference between losing and “rescuing” an employee.

Have you ever delivered or received a difficult message? What made that message effective or ineffective? Share your story in the comments below.


To read the Disney Institute Blog, log onto:

This Week in Dentistry from the ADA:………………………………….


Affordable Care Act, dental benefits examined! Part #2 form the ADA.

    August 19, 2013

 The “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act,” shorthanded as the ACA and as this series of reports will refer to it, has the potential to reshape health care in America. Expansion of medical insurance coverage, a move toward more integrated care delivery and significant changes in the financing of health care are among the expectations of ACA legislators and regulators. The Association’s primary focus has been the law’s potential effects on dentistry and the delivery of dental services to patients.  The first ACA Q-and-A installment in the Aug. 5 ADA News is posted online at This report examines the ACA and dental benefits.

Changes in dental benefits coverage are influenced by a variety of factors. The ADA Health Policy Resources Center projections through 2018 that follow are based on information in ADA-commissioned analyses by Milliman Inc. These analyses were offered before a number of key ACA coverage decisions were made. With this in mind, the projections must be viewed as representing a potential ceiling for expansion of dental benefits coverage under the ACA.

To read the rest of this article, log onto:

Product Review – Profitability Coach……………………………………

What is Dentrix Profitability Coaching?
  Is your office one of the many being affected by employee turnover, decreases in production, low case acceptance or reduction in cash flow? If so, let your coaching team help you find ways to increase your profitability and efficiencies by using the powerful tools in your practice management system.

Your profitability coach will review key practice goals, metrics and reports. You can invite any members of your team who might benefit from the various topics to attend the sessions. And of course, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to ask questions, personalize the discussions and talk through examples that relate to your own unique situation.

Profit-focused content:

Henry Schein Practice Solutions has partnered with many of the dental industry’s top consulting firms, including the Pride Institute and Jameson Management Consulting, to develop this unique coaching program. That means you’ll explore proven, industry-tested techniques and practices that lead to increased performance, productivity and profits. In addition to tailoring the discussions to the specific needs of your practices, the curriculum includes the following sessions:

For more information log onto:

The Henry Schein Outlet Store:…………………………………………..

Overstock – Reconditioned – Demo

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Warranty: 6 Month Warranty – All Sales Final!

Dental Practices for Sale…………………………………………………….

Dental Practice Sales & Transitions:

Buying or selling a dental practice is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make in your dental career. How do you find the right practice at a fair price? How can you ensure that your practice is accurately appraised and sells for its true value? How can you be certain that the opportunity to sell or to buy a dental practice is the right one, at the right time for you? Trust The Snyder Group.

The Snyder Group has earned an outstanding national reputation for representing buyers and sellers of dental practices of all sizes and specialties. Our professional dental transition coaches guide, advice, and lead you through the process, so that your interests and your needs are served from beginning to end. Whether you engage our services to sell your dental practice or enlist our help as buyer’s representation, you’ll receive the same personal attention and highly responsive service that has earned recommendations from dentists nationwide.

As dental brokers, we take a detail-diligent approach to structuring fair and equitable deals for sellers and buyers. For sellers, our all-inclusive approach means that comprehensive practice valuation, and contract templates for the dental practice sale and transition are included in our commission structure. By listing your dental practice for sale with The Snyder Group you’ll not only receive professional advice and outstanding service, you’ll also save time and greatly reduce legal costs.

And now, as a division of Henry Schein Professional Transitions, we offer a nationwide network of dental offices for sale and representation that makes us the largest single dental practice brokerage and transitions firm in America. Learn more about our dental brokerage services for buyers and sellers, or contact us and speak to a dental transitions coach to discover the difference responsive service makes.

For more information or a confidential conversation, call Cliff @ 201-321-7494 or e-mail

“Co-Ownership & Partnership Agreements”

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Music Should Start Your Day………………………………………………

From Me to You, Enjoy!


Private Sessions: Blues Traveler: Run Around


AMERICAN TUNE by Paul Simon/September 5, 1974

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