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The Word is “Diligence” in 2018 … Eyes Wide Open!!

This will be the last Cliff’s Notes for 2017. Thank you for reading my rants and I hope that somewhere along the line you found something that helped. In the coming year we will all be facing new challenges and some of them we won’t be prepared for. It is im-portant to keep your eye down the field and focused on the goal line. Navigating the maze of changes facing the healthcare industry over the next 2 years (20182020) will be essential to your success.

The Next 2 Years … Why 2 years? In today’s market place technology is fueling technology and it has become impossible to predict what markets will be the flavor of the day. To stay relevant your approach to the market (your patient base de-mographics) needs to be updated. In most cases a business owner (dentist) is too con-sumed with day to day operations to stay focused on changes in their market so they need to invest a little money and consult with experts. A good leader knows when to say “I don’t know”. You need to be a team leader.

Leadership 101 … Leadership is a skill. Some people are born with it and others learn and earn it. Some of the greatest leaders started in the mailroom. My definition of lead-ership is getting your team to do what they don’t want to do and enjoy doing it. Listen to everyone and respect their opinions. You don’t need to agree but you do need to listen. A good leader has to know what can be done but doesn’t have to know how to do it because they have a motivated team along with checks and balances.

A Motivated Team … What motivates people? The most logical answer is money but respect and appreciation rank high on the list. The money your team costs is not an expense, it is an investment. Allowing a competent loyal team member to apply their natural skills to assigned tasks can generate a big return on that investment. Like all investments, there are ups and downs but as long as the upside is recognized and the downside is not chastised but understood as a learning opportunity the ROI will contin-ue to increase.

Natural Skills … When managing a team, recognizing a team members attributes and focusing them on tasks that fit will only enhance your workflow. Getting that person to enjoy the task and understanding why you think that they are the best for the job is the important part so remember to communicate it. Also remember to implement all the checks & balances.

Checks & Balances … “Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive” My dad once told me to trust only 2 people, God and yourself, but watch God. We laughed a lot about that but what he was saying is that mistakes, whether ac-cidental or on purpose, do happen. A system of checks and balances throughout your organization is a priority to protect you, your family and your team. I can’t tell you the number of times I have suspected inconsistencies within a dental team but due to legal considerations I am not permitted to raise suspicion on anyone. However, I can suggest workflow and financial audit trails.

The Challenge … Your 2018 needs to be more organized and controlled than ever before to remain or be more successful. The start is a 1 hour business operational re-view. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

  May the New Year bring health and prosperity to your world

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